Changing Your Negative Beliefs

The Concept of a Belief & Changing Them

  Webster's Dictionary defines Belief as > something believedan opinion or conviction.

    Beliefs, all start out with a thought, which is just random energy that you have coming into your head. Thoughts, are just energy.  Repetitive thoughts then create a Belief. Your Beliefs, are just repetitive thoughts, that you keep having, over & over, then suddenly it's something you believe to be true.  Repetitive thoughts then solidifies into a belief. Your Beliefs, then become a "Pattern of Beliefs"  These repetitive "Patterns of Beliefs", then create a Lifestyle, a way of thinking & acting according to your belief convictions about how to live your life. Your changing life then becomes a Lifestyle. Which is just a mix of repetitive Thoughts, Patterns & Beliefs of how to live your life on a daily basis. It's all based on some idea that you believe is best & true for you.

    Ironically, it all started out with ONE thought, an idea, a memory, even from your childhood, These repetitive thoughts, then start creating a Belief's that you adopted as being a true for you. The TRAGEDY of this adopted thinking is that sometimes it’s NOT necessarily based on the truth of what actually happened. It’s based on your perception of what happened NOT necessarily based on the True facts of what actually happened. So you go on with your life believing something that really never happened you just believed / perceived it did. These perceived beliefs can be negative beliefs that can sabotage your success in life on many levels. ie: money, relationships, career, achievements, goals, dreams and other areas of your life.

      Below, is a chart of "Statements of Beliefs" These statements are beliefs that you believe to be true for you or NOT true for you.  The statements are associated with the meridians of the body which are associated with an organ or gland in the physical body.     

     For example > If you have negative feelings of low self-esteem or low self-worth about yourself your lungs will not function as well as they could and you can develop health problems associated to your lungs. IE: lung congestion, asthma, allergies, pneumonia, emphysema.

Interested in Changing Some or ALL of your Negative Beliefs

     Just go to the payment page CLICK HERE and make a payment of $125.00 and I will do a remote dowsing session on your current Positive & Negative beliefs so you know what your beliefs are and WHY you may be a Failing in achieving your intended goals in life toward Success.

HOW TO READ THE BELOW CHART: ( example below )

       Your conscious mind can only change what your sub-conscious mind will allow to be changed. 

    NOTE: Not all beliefs on this chart are addressed in one session. Your dominant beliefs are "prioritized" and addressed in the first session. Your body wants to process these prioritized negative beliefs at this time. The negative beliefs (listed on the right side of this chart) may have to be addressed in future sessions. The negative beliefs that are ready to be changed and released are highlighted in RED on your personalized completed belief report that you will be ordering.

   Your current positive beliefs ( on the left side of the chart) are highlighted in GREEN on the actual report ( you want these beliefs in your life)  There are 12 meridians in the body that correspond to the 12 belief levels on the chart below. Your Sub Conscious mind has “Priorities” of what beliefs it wants to change or release first. It's similar to an ONION SKIN. You are peeling away, one layer at a time, until you clear all Negative beliefs you hold on all 12 layers to Positive beliefs..

   The chart below is the entire two page meridian / organ chart. There are 12 meridians of the body and I have listed all 12 of the meridians and organs associated with the meridians in the charts below.


Changing your Beliefs ( Page 1 )


Changing your Beliefs ( page 2)


How I actually help you change your Negative Beliefs to Positive Beliefs 

      First, I check you for any negative beliefs you currently believe to be true for you. I then create a Positive affirmation customized to change your current negative beliefs to positive beliefs. Then, there is a "balancing point" you must hold while tapping in a circular motion around the top of your head, while saying your personal affirmation, that I created for you, to change your negative belief to a positive belief.

      If you are interested in changing your belief system into something that works for you.  I encourage you to click on the link below and start living a better, more positive, success-filled life. 

Product   Price
Changing Negative Beliefs   $125.00



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