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Standard Process Inc

Standard Process Inc. just had their 75th anniversity. It is a high-grade professional line of whole food products.  You can order any product of the Standard Process line by calling BODYexpressions. at 949-933-7666.  To order products, Just click on Standard Process Inc.  link above to access the products page and follow the instructions to order any product. I have been using their products with great success for the past 38 years. 

Dr. John Christopher's Original Herbal Formulas
Dr.John Ray Christopher's herbal formulas are historical to say the least. His herbal formulas have transforned thousands of lives. Dr.Christopher's remedies are time tested herbal formulas for a multitude of conditions. I was personally taught by Dr.Christopher. 
Hobon Homeopathic's / HVS Labs

Makes a wide range of homeopathic remedies and potencies 10x to 200x in one bottle to include the various stages of illness that the body has to go through to get well. 

Colema Boards

Colema boards provide a safe home-use for detoxifing the colon in the privacy of your own home. It's like having a private colon therapist in your home. Without the cost. I personally own a colema board.  It has saved me hundreds of dollars in colon therapy appointment fees.

Endo- Met Labratories
All Endo Met supplements can be found & ordered at this link. 


Life Force International
Provides several liquid Phyto-nutrient food based healing drinks and supplements that support your entire body. Body Balance is their signature product.
NET Remedies
The NET remedies were specifically targeted toward "flushing out" emotional components which have been "locked" into various meridians, maybe since birth. These "Locked" or "Blocked" emotions can effect the balance and functioning of your entire being.
Universal Water

    Universal Water's reverse-osmosis water purifing system is the best out there. I personally have been using there system for 32 years. It filters out 99% of all toxins and gives you the cleanest and best water you will ever drink.  

Alkaline, Ionized, Oxygenated Water

Please go to this link to see and hear the benefits of drinking Alkaline, Ionized, oxygenated, healing water.





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