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Roger Denisewicz N.C.

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       Welcome to my website. The purpose of this website is multi-dimensional in it's nature. What I offer are various choices of healthy options & alternatives to the traditional medical model to attain: physical, emotional, mental, spiritual balance for having a vibrant, happier and healthier life.

   About Roger

  •   A Certified Herbalist, Kinesiologist & Nutritionist, since 1974.  (43 years)
  •   Former & current resident of Kauai for the past 28 years.
  •   International teacher & lecturer of alternative ways of healing for the past 42 years.
  •  Utilizes "Personilized Health Dowsing" to access what your body wants & needs to balance and heal itself.
  •   Cured himself of an “incurable” skin disease by following the natural “Laws of Cure”.
  •   Provides a safe wholistic approach using herbs, whole foods & life-style changes for optimal health.                           


What I Offer in an Hour Session 

♦  Find underlying causes of health issues on a: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual level.

♦  Provide educational literature on Health Warnings & Natural Remedies that historically work.

♦  Combined, we create a customized nutritional program that fits your unique body type needs.

♦  Provide wholistically food-based supplements & dietary programs for a variety of health needs.

♦  Provide long term support for health issues that you may be experiencing on a daily basis.

♦  Uncover beliefs you have about yourself that are affecting your health & quality of life.

♦  Provide lab tests for various health issues. Hormonal, Heavy Metal, Saliva, Urine, Parasites.



              Got Health Issues ?


                                           Did you know


Your Body has the Answer to your Cure


     And communicates what it wants and needs to heal itself ?



           Well it Can ... and I can help you uncover


                       What your body is needing for optimal health,



                                                       In just ONE session ....



BOTTOM LINE:  An hour with me could 

        "Change or even Save your Life ...  






                                              Phone: 949-933-7666


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