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Roger Denisewicz N.C.

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 Welcome to my website.

The purpose of my website is multi-dimensional in content. I offer several healing modalities options on this web-site for healing yourself.   

I offer a "wholistic"approach utilizing various plants, foods, supplements, remedies, techniques & healing tools to support your "innate body wisdom" to heal itself using alternative natural healing methods.

     My vision for healing the body is different from the traditional Medical Model of treating disease. I offer alternatives ways of treating disease. My focus is looking at the "whole" person (not just their symptoms)  Then, I create a unique healing program for you to balance the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual aspects of your being.

     Balancing these four levels of your being can create a balance in your life like you've never known before.

I welcome you to try a different way of healing yourself

 Just call me for a session @ 949-933-7666

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      Medical Dowsing   ( Remote / Distant Readings )

   About Roger

  •   A Certified Herbalist, Kinesiologist & Nutritionist, since 1974. (44 years exp.)
  •   Former & current resident of Kauai for the past 28 years.
  •  International teacher & lecturer of alternative ways of healing for decades.
  •  Utilizes "Personalized Health Dowsing" to access what your body wants & needs to balance and heal itself.
  •  Cured himself of an “incurable” skin disease ( psorasis) by following the natural “Laws of   Cure”.
  •  Provides a safe holistic approach using herbs, whole foods & life-style changes for optimal health.                           


What I Offer in an Hour Session 

♦  Find underlying causes of health issues on a: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual level.

♦  Provide educational literature on Health Warnings & Natural Remedies that historically work.

♦  Combined, we create a customized nutritional program that fits your unique body type needs.

♦  Provide wholistically food-based supplements & dietary programs for a variety of health needs.

♦  Provide long term support for health issues that you may be experiencing on a daily basis.

♦  Uncover beliefs you have about yourself that are affecting your health & quality of life.

♦  Provide lab tests for various health issues. Hormonal, Heavy Metal, Saliva, Urine, Parasites.



              Got Health Issues ?


                                           Did you know


Your Body has the Answer to your Cure


     And communicates what it wants and needs to heal itself ?



           Well it Can ... and I can help you uncover


                       What your body is needing for optimal health,



                                                       In just ONE session ....




An hour with me could 

        "Change or even Save your Life ...  




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Cell Phone: 949-933-7666 

                    Hawaii Phone: 808-855-8272


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                " Your Body has the Answer to Your Cure" ...   Roger                        

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