Remote (Distant) Healings
You Can be Tested from Anyplace, Anytime, Anywhere.... In the World


You DO NOT have to be physically (Present) to be Healed  .....

    The beauty of my "Personalized Body Dowsing" system is that I can test and check you for health problems without you being physically (present) with me. The reason I can test you from a distance is that you gave me your consent and permission to test you. Your "permission" allows me to access your energy field and gather information about your healing protocal.

   I can then tune into "YOU" and gather info  on what's happening within you and test you for the cause of your health concern or problem on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

    In my "Personalized Body Dowsing" sessions when I put your Name .....on my testing board I can tune into your ..... "energy field " ....anywhere you are in the world and get accurate results about your health issues, NOW.

    I have been doing Personalized Body Dowsing  for 40 years with very good results.  I can give you testimonials of clients who have benifited from my work.  Most of the time I never actually physically get to meet the person I'm testing.  I only know their phone voice.   Meaning, after I do a reading/session on a client  I then phone them with the results of my findings and most of the time I never actually meet with them physically.  I just meet with them on the phone.


The name's were changed for privacy

         Actual Phone Call: I was originally called by Jeanna, Sandy's mother, ( Sandy is a client ) to thank me for helping Sandy get well.  Sandy had epilipsy.  Sandy, would get seizues once a month with her menstral cycle. Sandy was pending to have her licence revoked due to her seizures.  After several remote dowsing sessions with me for 4 months, Sandy, is now free of her seizures, had a child (who is seizure free) and her drivers licence was never revoked by the court......... What a Great Day for All.

     Pause....................... on the phone............... Jeanna say's............ " I have a problem too, ....  Can you help me? "  I said " I don't know, whats your problem?".  Jeanna said "I have a  tumor in my uterus the size of a lemon, It's not cancerous, can you help me?" ........... My responce was "I will give it my best shot and there are no guarantees"  Jeanna' s responce was " O.K.  will you see what you can find?"  I said, " O.K. ".     Jeanna and I spoke many times on the phone over a year period.  

        I scheduled regular dowsing sessions with Jeanna every month to update her nutritional needs. Jeanna, had regular check-ups with her medical doctor as to the progress of her tumor size. It was reducing every month. The doctor was amazed that it was actually reducing. The doctor said " What are you doing or taking that has reduced the size of your tumor from a lemon to a pea ?  Jeanna said, " If I tell you you would never believe me"  The Doctor, never knew her cure. " The Tumor Was Gone"    A Done Deal........I did this treatment from afar / remotly. I never actually/ physically met Jeanna   .........

      One Session with Jeanna was  Color Therapy It was the treatment for the day.  Jeanna, had to put 3 pieces of green stained glass around a small glass of water and put 1 piece of green glass on top of the glass and put it outside in the sun for 3 hours. Then, as instructed, she drank the water in the glass (which has been charged by the sun) then she looked through a piece of green the green glass towards the sun for three minuites. Then stopped the process.

       Jeanna's Results:  Jeanna reported to me that she had sooo much energy after drinking the green water and looking at the sun through the green glass that she washed ALL the windows in the house. AMAZING..... Want that level of energy ? ...............

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