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Remote (Distant) Healings
You Can be Tested from Anyplace, Anytime, Anywhere.... In the World

What's a Remote - Distant / Dowsing Healing Session ?

Definition > You DO NOT have to be physically present to do a session.

   YES, I can test you remotely from a distant place. The requirement is that you give me your permission & consent to test you. Your "permission" is essential, allowing me to access your energy field and gather information about you & the healing program your body wants. 

  By your Permission only,  I can then tune into "YOU" and gather information about you, on what's happening within your Mind - Body - System that is causing your health concern or problem that your having on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

    I have been doing Personalized Body Dowsing for the past 45 years with amazing results. Most of the time, I never actually physically get to meet the person I'm testing. I only know their Phone Voice, since I'm testing them remotely, from a distance. 

Your Test Results

     AFTER,  I do a Body Dowsing Reading /Session for you, I will call you back, with the results of my finding's of your Dowsing Report.

   I will at that time, give you the scores of your reading's of the supplements needed to correct any imbalance in your body chemistry. 

 To Book a Session 

     Click here to set up a  "Personalized Body Dowsing" session and you will be guided through how to proceed for setting up a session..

You can also call: 808-855-8272 or e-mail Roger at  yourbodycanheal@gmail.com





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