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 Welcome to the "Personalized Body Dowsing" Page.

 NOTE: You MUST make a payment for your "Personalized Body Dowsing" session before your Personalized Body Dowsing session can be completed.

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 NOTE: International Payments cannot be made on this website. You must call or        e-mail Roger at 1-808-855-8272 to make a payment over the phone.

 E-mail Roger at: yourbodycanheal@gmail.com to make a payment.

NOTE: If you have already made a payment please continue and fill out the "Client Profile" below.

After your payment is completed.

       Return to this page and fill out the "Client Profile" below which will then be submitted back to Roger. 

  I will then complete your "Personalized Body Dowsing" session. 

I will then contact you by phone to give you the "Results of Findings" 


Client Profile

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