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ON PURPOSE-  4 Step Alignment System

   "ON PURPOSE" -                                                                          4 Step Alignment System                                                                for facilitating your life purpose                                                                                                                             

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I was guided to create healing products that would assist the body to stay aligned using the right healing frequencies of plant and food medicine along with positive intentions and affirmations for a happy healthy life. 


     The "ON PURPOSE" 4 Step Alignment System does just that. 

The ON PURPOSE 4-Step Alignment System is an alternative healing method that uses healing remedies that helps people reconnect to their own healing energy is designed to connect & align you to the healing power of your heart. The heart, is the love center of your body.

    Aligning yourself with your heart, is the key to your healing. This alignment will balance and harmonize the energy field within & around the body to facilitate your life purpose.

Love, is the ultimate healer of all Dis-ease

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