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Dr. John Ray Christopher N.D.  
Original Dr. Christopher's Herbal Formulas

    ABOUT DR. CHRISTOPHER > In 1945, Dr. John Raymond Christopher mixed his first commercial herbal formula and provided it to his patients with amazing results. As different reoccurring conditions emerged in his patients he would accommodate by creating new formulas again with astounding results. These formulas worked so well with subsequent patients that they became the product of choice with other patients suffering from the same ailments. His philosophy of "getting back to the cause of the disorder" helped him create truly tonic herbals. These herbal formulas helped the body overcome disease by strengthening through cleansing and nourishing.

    Over the years, Dr. Christopher developed one of the most extensive herbal formula lines in the industry, through clinical experience, knowledge and as he often mentioned, inspiration from the Creator. So successful were his herbal formulas that other companies sought the same success by duplicating his works; making his formulas the most widely copied herbal formulas in the nation.

     The Herb Shop was opened in 1969 to handle the great demand for the Dr.Christopher herbal formulas. With the wide distribution of the Dr. Christopher label, The Dr.Christopher Herb Shop has become the retail outlet that can be trusted to carry all of his formulas and assist people in following his philosophy.

    The Dr.Christopher Herb Shop employs students of Dr.Christopher's famous School of Natural Healing. Jared Tropple the manager of The Dr. Christopher Herb Shop left a more profitable position to carry on the work of this famous teacher.



Dr. Christopher Formula's

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