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Specific Healing Programs


·   Contact Reflex Analysis

A highly accurate, safe and non-invasive technique that evaluates your whole body’s core nutritional needs providing an overall picture of your current state of health.


·   Neuro Emotional Technique   N.E.T.®

A system which identifies and releases core emotion blocks from an earlier emotional event in your lifetime that has compromized your current experience of a similar experience which may or may not have the same emotional influence.  By placing you mentally in the same time frame of the original event these chronic blockages are cleared, restoring your emotional body  to its optimum level.

·  Emotional Allergy Technique

Computer generated vials of commonly found substances which have been vibrationally and energetically matched as allergies are used as ‘entry points’ into your body/mind system.  This testing establishes emotional congruency & compatibility when a person is exposed to the ‘allergic substance’ in the vial.  Some substances can trigger a negative emotional response for no apparent reason. Clearing the emotional memory associated with the substance clears the negative emotional response to that substance.  


·   Brain  Gym R

Is a series of movements that allows the brain to create alternative neural pathways to replace existing neural pathways that may be blocked due to stress, past or present, which can and may inhibit a person from achieving their life’s dream due to not having “whole brain function”. These Brain Gym movements or exercises, which are different for every person, create a new neurological pathway for the person to access their dream in a “new” positive and more creative way.


·   Parasite  Programs

A powerful 90-day herbal  program that eliminates several types of parasites from your entire body.



·  Fasting & Detox  programs

Utilizing specific herbs, foods, specialized water and dietary recommendations are used to rebalance and restore your internal & external environment to a new level of optimum function and wellness.



·   Allergy Testing

Muscle testing is utalized for any sensitivity and reactions to various vitamins, animals, minerals, medications, specific foods, chemicals, environmental pollutants and any other allergens that you may

be currently sensitive or allergic to.                                                                                                                                                                                                           

·   Flower and Gem Essences

Flower and gem essences are designed to access the finer and more subtle areas of your energetic being.  Allowing you to gently transform and release your doubts about attaining a state of wholeness and harmony within yourself.  



·   Chemical  Desensitization

A combination of herbs, homeopathics and special baths are used to detox heavy metal poisoning,

X-rays, radiation, electromagnetic interference and home pollutants.



·   Permanent  Weight Control

A food combining program that focuses on controlling blood sugar and insulin levels.  This program teaches you the value of slow burning sugars and how it influences weight gain and protects you

from the extreme fluxuations of blood sugar and insulin levels. These fluxuations are one of the main causative factors in weight gain as well as carbohydrates causing conditions such as hypoglycemia and diabetes.




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