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Healing Prayers
Self Affirmations


Recite these prayers daily aloud upon awakening.


  I greet this day with an attitude of joy, and my joy grows daily.  I let divine joy expand in me  express itself through me to reach out in every direction of my life.  People and conditions around me respond to the joy I feel.  Creating Divine order and a pleasant loving atmosphere around me. God is joy, and His radiant and dynamic presence is always within me and around me. Today I am happy. I let love and joy fill my mind and I don’t hold any harsh or negative thoughts about anyone or anything.The God in me rejoices continually as I express His spirit of joy in words of praise.I am His blessing. I express His Spirit of joy in loving happy acts, that are helpful in all that I do. I give thanks that today I experience and express the joy of God as it strengthens me to live life vigorously. I am filled with peace & confidence and for this I give thanks.


I am a unique creation with a divine purpose, to manifest God’s good in my life and in the lives of those around me. I know, I feel, I believe that I am guided throughout this day. I have a positive attitude today. I have faith in the success of my efforts. No job is too small, no task is insurmountable, because I am surrounded and uplifted by divine assistance.  Negative appearances do not deter me, and I am not disheartened.  I believe in the outworking of God’s good as I move with the vim and vigor of good health. Each step I take forward is toward fulfillment. Each thought I think is an advance in spiritual wisdom. This is a very special day, for God moves in and through me to execute the duties of the day.  I acknowledge His presence.  I express His Spirit of good will in each job I undertake to do. I represent God at work.I know, I feel and believe that God works in and through me always.


       The wisdom of God is the life of my being.  The wisdom of God is the law of my life.  The wisdom of God is the consciousness of understanding.It embraces all humanity.I feel rooted and grounded in divine wisdom.  I am encompassed by divine wisdom. Wisdom governs my affairs, peace governs my soul, joy governs my life and love governs my innermost being. I am still in the presence of wisdom. I am one with wisdom. I am this wisdom. Understanding it’s perfect knowingness.


I am that consciousness which is conscious of its own right action.  I speak words of power, of life,of wisdom and know that right action governs all my decisions. I do not worry nor doubt the outcome of anything I undertake.  I am and feel perfectly secure, poised and at peace. I attend to my affairs knowing that every step I take is protected and all my needs are provided for. I let go of all confusion and turn within, I have the deep conviction & knowingness that everything is unfolding according to divine law. Infinite power sustains me.  Infinite love protects me. Infinite wisdom counsels me. I am listening and guided by the still voice within me.


  I am that one without a second. I am the law of good unto myself. I create the good which I express continually.I destroy evil by knowing its false-ness.  I am one with good, harmony and  peace.  I am one with the perfect idea of myself.  I now give thanks that I am conscious of being just that.  


I am that love which touches the center of itself in pure delight. I am that love which heals wounds, restores life, creates clarity, embraces humanity and draws everyone into the circle of it’s own wholeness. I am that love which radiates the joy of life,the excitement of existence,the glory of self- expression. I am that love which wipes out everything which is unlike itself. I am that love which stimulates, inspires, beautifies and blesses.I give and I receive love easily, I am the lover and the beloved. I am the embodied law of infinite contentment and satisfaction. I delight in the wholeness and power of the love that I am. I am that love which is the delight of spirit.  I am that love which is the delight of life. I am that Love.

More  Love

  I am the self that is conscious of the unity within the whole.  I know the consciousness of oneness to be the consciousness of love.  I am that luminous love, attracting love wherever I go. For the love that I am attracts itself and responds to itself.  I radiate this love toward my fellow man. God is love. I see this love of God reflected in everyone. Where before I have seen envy, mistrust and anger. I now see love flowing in and through everything& everyone, renewing life and being the living life of all. I hear the call of love in the midst of my daily work.I experience love, joy, friendship and happiness when I speak. I am still, centered and at rest within myself.  I am this effortless love and I attract it wherever I go.


I am the light of wisdom, calm and serene.I listen to my inner voice while seeing with the divine vision of spirit. My thoughts dwell only on love, beauty and truth,which has the clarity of divine intelligence.  Peace embraces and surrounds me daily. The light of wisdom enlightens my being, radiating to all beings and illuminating my way.  My light is Divine and it guides me forever forward.

My  Life  is  God

In reality I am what God is.  I recognize my inseparable association with the Infinite Intelligence of the God that I am. All power, wisdom, truth and understanding are mine to use this day. I let my thinking be in unity with what God is. I think His thoughts after Him.  I let His ideas guide me into right action for myself and my fellow man daily.  I now let go of fear, doubt and disbelief, putting absolute trust in the Creator of all good, while staying relaxed in my mind and body. I let the power of God do its perfect work through me. I put complete trust in the power of God. I recognize God’s direction in all activities in which I am engaged. Whatever knowledge is needed to accomplish my desires is made known to me,instantly.  Peace, harmony, joy and love fill my entire being today. I am whole in mind, body and spirit.Divine Intelligence guides me daily in knowing what to do. I am strong in my conviction and now claim my divine perfection.  

Divine  Presence

  I am, the realization of the Presence of God. I know myself to be the proof of this divine presence and I know that everything I touch and think about is blessed. This divine Presence of God,is the source of my power, inspiration, and confidence, constantly renewing and revitalizing me. The Presence of God within me, shows me my own infinity possibilities and protects me from the narrowness of my own limited vision. The Presence of God vibrates within me and radiates from me.  I trust the place of God s infinite love and let this feeling permeate my being.  I am still in the Presence of God and let this peace fill my heart and soul.  I am this divine consciousness, illumined in pure bliss and for this I give thanks.


     I know I have perfect health within me right now. I come from spirit. Therefore, I have a spiritual Body.    I know myself to be one with Spirit and all the good there is. I know that my body is a perfect body. Every function of my body acts in perfect harmony, never overactive or underactive. I now erase from my consciousness any belief of obstruction or weakness in my body and know that my thoughts are cleansing, healing and regenerating a new level of health.I am conscious of the divine consciousness circulating through every atom of my being. I know my word & command to be the elimination of everything which is unlike this divine perfection.  My body is spirit manifest, it is made of pure substance, the substance of spirit. At all times it expresses its innate wholeness consciously and subconsciously.  I now accept the truth about myself and release any negative beliefs I have about my health knowing that my health,is focused on optimal health and total wellness on all levels.


I am that truth which is changeless and forever itself. I am that truth which dissolves everything unlike itself.  Bondage, limitation, sickness, fear, abandonment, lost, betrayal, failure, grief, are all simply errors of perception. They are not the truth, they are experiences of the mind which entertains them. Truth, is the law of perfection&completeness.  I now, accept this truth as the law of my being. I now, announce my freedom from all discord. I now, proclaim the truth of my being,that I am free from all negative influences.  I now, rest in complete assurance that nothing but good can come from me and only good go from me. I now, receive the truth about spirit. Knowing it to be present in all things that I do. I know that this truth is what moves and  motivates me to experience my life in Full-ness…  So be it, and so it is.


These above prayers were a gift from Spirit,

I received these Original  prayers  in 1972 

They will change your life if you recite them aloud upon arising.



in 2019



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