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Tips on Healthy Eating

1. Eat Proteins First! Protein foods need hydrocholoric acid for proper digestion. If the stomach is first filled with carbohydrate foods, which do not require hydrochloric acid for digestion, the protein will remain undigested. Eat salads and breads with the meal or last, but never first!
2. Eat small meals, eat slowly, and chew well.
3. Avoid eating fruits and raw vegetables at the same time. They require a different set of enzymes to digest.
4. Eat yogurt and other lactic acid foods with every meal including garlic, sauerkraut, sourdough, bread, cottage cheese, kefir, and tofu. They will help digestion and prevent intestinal putrefaction.
5. Use the most potent "friendly flora" fighter ever created. FLORA PROBIOTIC PLUS contains 49 billion viable cells per gram and will help replenish the beneficial bacteria in your body now. You can order this product by calling the office 949-933-7666 or email us at body.expressions@yahoo.com
Keeping the Balance Between Friendly and Unfriendly Micro-Organisms
       Bear in mind that both "friendly" and "unfriendly" micro-organisms inhabit the human intestinal tract simultaneously. In fact, in many cases, each contributes to the overall function and health of the intestinal tract, while keeping each other in "check".

      For example, even unfriendly micro-organisms, such as small colonies of Candida yeasts that inhabit the intestinal tract, carry out vital tasks. They aid in the digestion of sugars and release vital enzymes, nutrients, and other essential substances as by-products of their work.

      Normally, friendly micro-organisms such as L. acidophilus and others keep the Candida yeast in check. But if conditions prevail, which allow the Candida yeast to grow uncontrollably, their once beneficial work turns grossly destructive to the human host and may result in an infectious spread to other areas of the body including the intestines, genital tract, mouth, throat and skin.

     Intestinal function runs smoothly, with digestion and metabolism operating at peak levels, when the balance of "friendly" and "unfriendly" micro-organisms is stable.

     It is only when the ecology of the gastrointestinal tract becomes disturbed or otherwise altered that the balance of friendly micro-organisms to unfriendly micro-organisms is compromised and serious health problems begin to threaten your well-being.


You can order FLORA PROBIOTIC PLUS by calling the office 949-933-7666 or email us at body.expressions@yahoo.com

This is information, if applied, can enhance your health and well-being for a more vital and healthy life.



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