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Remote Dowsing Session
Available to you Anywhere you live on the Planet

What is Remote Body Dowsing

Example of Body Dowsing Chart below

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What is Remote Body Dowsing  

Meaning: I can access information about your: Physical, Emotional, Mental & Spiritual Energy from a distance >  from anywhere you are on the planet.  

To purchase a Remote Body Dowsing session  >  Click HERE 

        Remote Dowsing is a unique way for me to determine what your body wants & needs for healing itself. I access information about your curret body needs. I do this by ‘tuning into your energy field’ and your permission to do so.

    My Pendulum, is my access tool to YOU. Energetically  

      The above chart is a shortened version of a "Full Charting & Scoring" system that I use to evaluate and track the balance of your entire body.

     Upon completion of your Personalized Body Dowsing evaluation, I will suggest various whole food supplements & therapies that were checked for your healing during the checking process.

    What is Body Dowsing?   Using a pendulum and a scoring system. I can evaluate the health of your Whole Body. I can check the functioning of ALL the organs, glands and systems of the body along with checking for radiation, heavy metals, parasites, allergies, yeast and toxins & much more.

 If an Organ, Gland or System is over-functioning or under-functioning, it will eventually become a health problem or concern and can affect various organs, glands and systems in your body, when you look at the body as a whole organism.     

    Any over-active or under-active area of the body are prioritized and brought back into balance through the use of whole food supplements, herbs, homeopathy, diet or exercise to balance the body / mind system.

 What is > Personalized Body Dowsing: 

       It's a unique way to determine what your body wants & needs for healing itself. Using a pendulum, gives me detailed information about you. I can evaluate the functioning of ALL of  your organs / glands & systems, using a scoring system, that tells me how all your organs, glands & systems are doing health wise.

  I can easily access information about your health needs remotely from any where you are on the planet. I can do this by‘tuning into your energy field’ though the use of a pendulum and your permission.

After My Evaluation   

     I will contact you and give you a detailed "Report of Findings" of what your dowsing readings where in your scoring chart. I then give you information & suggestions as to what you need to do to re-balance yourself for optimal health. 


         The human body has approximately 72 trillion cells. Every cell in the body communicates with every other cell in your body, through a Morphogenic Field of Energy which is internal & surrounds your entire body in a Bubble.

   Whithin this Bubble is ALL of the cellular memmory of information about your Entire Life.   You walk around daily in your "Bubble of Information" asking, what's next?

   About Cellaur Memmory  "That's why when a person steps on your toe, the sounnd of pain comes out of your mouth. OUCH!. The cells are communicating with eachother." OUCH.                   

 Your Body has the Answer to your Cure. 

Would you like some Help ?

>  Finding out what your body wants and needs to balance itself ?

>  I can access your body's innate wisdom for healing itself.

>  Purchasing a "Remote Personalized Body Dowsing" session. Click HERE

Remote Personalized Dowsing  (Overview) 

· Find the cause of your Energy Loss, Body Pains, Hormonal Imbalances, Sleep Issues & Health Concerns.

· Find your hidden nutritional deficiencies, which if not addressed, may lead to Serious health problems.

· Detect  Heavy Metals, Chemicals, GMO, Toxins & Pesticides that are slowly killing your life force.

· Uncover any missing & damaged cell blueprints (DNA) & get remedies to restore healthy cell functions.

· Creates a personalized nutritional program for you to quickly get your body balanced & healthy.

· Heal the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of your being, to be at your BEST.

· Bottom Line:  Create “The Life You Want “  >> an hour with me could Change or even Save your life ..

 Bonus > Eliminate: Parasites, Radiation, Heavy Metals, Hormonal Issues, Candida, Allergies.

With Your Permission I Can

 > Check for specific remedies or dosages of any supplement you might need.

 > Check a remedy or treatment your currently taking or doing.

 > Check if your supplements are compatible with your body.

 > Check if the dosage of the supplements you are currently taking is correct.

      Your entire program is based on the readings I get during the Dowsing session to regain your health. 

         The human body has approximately 72 trillion cells. Every cell in the body communicates with every other cell in your body, through a Morphogenic field of energy which surrounds your entire body. 

About Roger Denisewicz N.C.

·   A Certified Herbalist, Kinesiologist, Herbalist & Clinical Nutritionist since 1974.  (46 years)

·   Healed himself of an “incurable” skin disease (Psoriasis) by following the natural “Laws of Cure”.

·   International teacher & lecturer of alternative ways of healing for the past 46 years.

·   Promotes a safe holistic approach using herbs, whole foods & life style changes for optimal health.

To order a Remote Personalized Body Dowsing session. 

Please make your payment HERE or see below.


Roger will contact you when your evaluation is completed.

Any ??? >  You can also email Roger at:  yourbodycanheal@gmail.com

 Privacy Policy

       We, at Body Expressions respect your privacy. Any and all personal information you disclose is for Body Expressions use only. It is strictly confidential and will not be shared with anyone: a person, a company or organization.                                               

    Payments >>> Terms and Conditions

♦ Roger Denisewicz N.C. is NOT a doctor. Roger Denisewicz N.C  received an honorary degree as a "Nutritional Consultant" from North American College in 1974.

♦ My initial Fee, normally is $130.00 for an evaluation. This Special Fee of $49.00 includes a phone conversation to go over your Personalized Dowsing test results.

ADDITIONAL CHARGE: I can also send you your chart with the suggested recommendations as an e-mailed report of my "Testing Results " of your dowsing session for an extra charge of $25.00 

 Based on your Dowsing evaluation results. You will be given a nutritional program for one month. Any subsequent monthly updates are based on this Special Rate of only $49.00 per hour. You will not be billed until I have your permission.

♦ The supplements I recommend are of the highest quality, they are mostly Whole Food based / not Chemical Supplements. If any supplements, herbal remedy or homeopathy are needed for your nutritional needs payment for such supplements must be made prior to the shipping you the supplements. Supplements charges are not included in the initial cost of the Medical Dowsing session.


To order a  "Remote Personalized Body Dowsing" session

1. Pay for your "Remote Personalized  Body Dowsing" session. You can make a payment. Click HERE
2. When I receive your payment. I will send you a link to the "Client Profile".  Please fill it out and click " Submit" it back to me.  When I receive your profile. I will  proceed to do your Medical Dowsing report.
3. Follow up sessions are ONLY $49.00 per hour (Special pro-rated price)
4. If you want your session results to be sent to you on-line as an email there will be  a $25.00 extra charge.
5. Phone call test results are FREE.
 Upon completion of your evaluation Roger will contact you by phone with your results. The phone time charges to report my findings are included with your $49.00 initial payment..



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                " Your Body has the Answer to Your Cure" ...   Roger                        

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