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Food Allergy Pulse Test

The Food Allergy Pulse Test

A simple 2 1/2 minute self-test to determine if a particular food or supplement causes a stressful reaction. 

Note: This test may not be valid .if you are taking a drug that controls your heart rate, such as a calcium-channel blocker or a beta-blocker.

The Allergy Testing Procedure

1.  Sit down, take a deep breath, and relax.

     1a. Establish your baseline pulse by counting your heart beat for a full minute and record  your pulse in the "Before" space in the Pulse Test Chart below.

      1 b. How to count your heartbeat > Place 3 fingers just above your left hand/wrist, while your left hand is facing your face.

     1c. Put a sample of a food or supplement to evaluate in your mouth (on your tongue). You may chew but refrain from swallowing. However, you do need to taste it for approximately one-half minute.

Note: The sensory information taste signals from your mouth will inform your central nervous system (brain) as to the nature of the test substance. If the test substance (food or supplement) is stressful to the body, you will have a brief reaction that causes your heart to beat faster.

2. Test only one food at a time. Testing individual ingredients will yield specific information, compared with testing foods contain­ing multiple ingredients. Testing a banana, for example, yields more specific and therefore more valuable information than testing banana bread.

3. Retake your pulse (the food or the supplement remains in your mouth). Write down your "After" pulse on the Pulse Test Record below.

Note: An increase of 4 or more is considered the result of a stressful reaction in the body. For "0" Blood Type people an increase of 3 or more is considered a stressful reaction. The greater the degree of stressfulness or reactivity, the higher the heart rate will be.

4. Discard the tested ingredient (do not swallow it, rinse out mouth with water) 

5. Repeat the above procedure to test other foods or supplements.

6. Repeat the procedure as frequently as you like. NOTE; as long as you always return to your normal pulse rate before testing the next food.

Note: If a reaction occurred, rinse your mouth out with some purified water and spit the water out. Wait two minutes, then you can retest your pulse to see if it has returned to its baseline. If it hasn't returned to normal, wait a couple of minutes more and retest, continue to retest your pulse until you have returned to your normal pulse. Once your pulse has returned to its normal rate you can test the next food.


The Food Allergy Pulse Test Chart


Your Test Results

Now you know which foods or supplements to avoid to reduce the STRESS these substances are causing in your body.

 Need Help?

For Help on clearing these food or supplement allergies contact me and I can do a "Nutritional Evaluation" on what your body needs to do to clear & detox your body from your allergies.

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