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Primary Healing Modalities


 Kinesiology -  Commonly called "Muscle Testing"

          Kinesiology is a testing mode to obtain specific information from the entire mind-body system. It is based on a bio-feedback loop from the brain to a muscle in responses to a: point on the body, a thought you have, a word you say, a feeling you have,  prior to testing a muscle. 

       If the touch, thought, word, or feeling causes a STRESS within the body mind system your muscle will immediately go weak indicating a stress has been identified.


      Kinesiology can identify stresses any where in the entire body.  Kinesiology, helps target problem areas that need to be healed & balanced on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level.

     Your muscle responses indicate the best approach for your unique situation.  I have found that  kinesiology targets problem areas many times on a sub-clinical level even before any symptoms have showed up in the body. Kinesiology is a fast, safe, non-invasive technique to access information about what the body wants and needs to heal itself on multi-dimensional levels.


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Personalized Body Dowsing                                                        Your Body chemistry is as unique to you as your fingerprint. 


     During a Personalized Body Dowsing session your nutritional needs are identified and prioritized for immediate attention. Specific foods, diet, herbs or supplementation are normally suggested to provide you with the exact combination of nutrients your body wants and needs to repair itself and balance your body chemistry. Your nutritional needs are evaluated and monitored monthly. Providing you with on going support and an interactive dialog with me to keep you on track for your personal goals for optimum health for a limited period of time. 


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Emotional Balancing

 Emotions are feelings you have about yourself, friends, family & your world.


      Having a balanced emotional state and lifestyle is a key factor to unlock your vitality for total body/mind wellness. When your emotions get blocked or unexpressed tension builds within the body-mind system effecting the balance of the whole body. Through the use of Neuro-Emotional-Technique called N.E.T.  physical and emotional "traumatic events" that were once perceived by you as a 'threat' for survival are revealed. Through the N.E.T. process the emotional charge or feeling of that perceived original 'traumatic event' can be neutralized and viewed again with a healthier and clearer perspective.


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Belief Restructuring

What you believe to be true is for you, and it creates your reality...


       Basically, you live by the last decision you made. Life is full of choices. Beliefs are just thoughts you keep having. These repetitive thoughts then become beliefs. Beliefs, are ideas and thoughts of what you believe to be true.  It does not necessarily have to be based on Facts. 


   There are different types of beliefs we can have such as: core beliefs, genetic beliefs, inherited beliefs and spiritual beliefs. You may have some old beliefs and patterns that may still be actively influencing your decisions in life since Birth. 


   These old beliefs usually are no longer serving you and need to be changed. During a session these old beliefs and patterns are identified, released or restructured. You will be left feeling happier, lighter, more relaxed and have a deeper sense of well-being.  


I can help you Change your Beliefs & Change your Reality.


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Spiritual Alignment

We are spiritual beings, having a human experience ...


    These healing and spiritual alignment sessions are very unique.  They are focused and attuned to the energies of love, forgiveness and gratitude. During each session, every cell in your body is activated, to align you with what-ever your spiritual preference is.


     Spiritual Alignment sessions re-connect you to your Spiritual Source.  Leaving you with a feeling of being connected to all things. Along with a feeling of peace and gratitude for all that you are and all you are to become.


NOTE: Dr. Masaru Emoto, a doctor of Alternative Medicine from Japan. Wrote a book called " The Hidden Messages in Water"  Dr. Emoto has scientifically proved that these three energies of Love, Forgiveness and Gratitude holds the highest vibrational frequency on the planet to effect a positive change in the molecular structure of all living cells of those who focus on it.


I can help you Align yourself for your Spiritual Essence.

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