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About Roger Denisewicz N.C.

My Mission Statement  

    My focus for the past 47 years is researching, testing and providing healthy alternatives to the traditional medical model approach.  Seeking out important health concerns & cutting-edge healing products. I utilizing organic whole food supplements to enhance, nourish and balance the entire body-mind system. 


 Education & Work History


From 1974- 1984  worked as the staff Iridologist, Herbalist and Nutritionist at the Wholistic Health and Nutrition Institute (WHN) in Mill Valley, CA. for a period of 10 years.


In 1974,  Received an Honorary Degree as a "Nutritional Consultant " from the North American College in Marin County, California. 


In 1975, started doing "Medical Dowsing" to determine the health of the organs, glands and other miscellaneous conditions in the body, which can be done remotely for anyone, anywhere on the planet with their permission.


In 1982, completed the required studies and recognized as a "Registered Certified Herbalist, # 1026 " by the International Institute for Herbal Studies for having "Mastered the Art of Compounding Herbs".


 In 1989, Moved to Kauai, HI.  Created a company called BODYtalk.  Gained a reputation on Kauai as being an effective and trusted holistic practitioner.  After discovering and mastering the added benefits of  N.E.T (Neuro-Emotional-Technique) and C.R.A. (Contact Reflex Analysis) he solidified his reputation for providing profound results in the areas of personal empowerment, physical wellness, emotional stability and spiritual growth.


In 2004, Roger renamed his business: BODY EXPRESSIONS, while living in San Clemente, CA.  Since his temporary relocation from Kauai, HI. Roger's clientele are solely based on referrals from doctors, health practitioners, clients, business associates, friends and family members.   


In 2008, Roger moved to Marina Del Rey, CA. area to teach healthy living classes and to expand his client base to a more diverse clientele. Targeting people who are looking to move deeper into their own power & ability of healing themselves, naturally.


In 2011, Roger started travelling Internationally to teach & explore possibilities around the globe. He has worked in Panama, New Zealand,Thailand, Brazil, Ecuador, Peru,  


In 2015, Roger relocated back to Kauai, Hawaii to resume his healing & teaching work in his community with new, powerful healing techniques he learned while traveling abroad.


In 2017, Roger was invited to speak on the International Stage in Frankfurt, Germany to 500 + people demonstrating various healing techniques he learned over his 46 years of "Hands On" healing.


In 2020, Roger expanded his healing modalities to include "Morphogenic Field" testing to get a bigger picture of what's going on with a person in their energy field, that affects there health..                           Click this link HERE


In 2020, Roger added "Remote / Personalized Body Dowsing" sessions for people living ANY WHERE in the world that want my help in healing themselves. Click this link HERE


In 2021, Roger created "Merlin's Medicinal's" a new program to show people how to connect to their own Healing Heart energy by experiencing a newly created guided meditation program to balance & harmonize the healing energies of the body. Click here to access the program ( under construction)


In 2023, Roger is offering MFT ( Morpogentic Field Technique ) A system that accesses  Quantum  Field Information ) that surrounds your entire body which has information about your Entire Lifetime. This new work surpasses all other past work I have done before. It's the cutting edge of healing for the body to heal on all levels > Physically, Emotionally, Mentally & Spiriturally. 





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                " Your Body has the Answer to Your Cure" ...   Roger                        

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