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Updating & Retesting
       A  Monthly Comparison Test


  Retesting & Updating> You have most likely already started your supplement program on what your body tested positive for in your initial session with me. Congratulations, for taking the next step forward toward your ultimate wellness.

Retesting & Updating is a very valuble part of your healing progress as you can check your personal progress from month to month during your regenerative program. While taking the supplements your body chemistry will CHANGE monthly. Each month, you may need LESS of a supplement, a DIFFERENT supplement or STOP taking a supplement, Completely.

    Just know, your body is keeping track of your progress and what it needs. So doing monthly retesting is a way to stay on top of your movement and updates what your body is wanting and needing monthly to continue your healing process.  

     Healing, is a process... there is no such thing as a "Magic Bullet" pill that will fix everything wrong with you. Just be patient, healing takes time. Rule of thumb is: "It takes one month of healing, for every year you have had the symptom / illness".

NOTE: Normally, it takes 3 months for the body to make a change that you will notice. Three months (90 days) is the life cycle of a blood cell. So it may take 3 months for you to experience a change in health.

     I have seen & witnessed miraculous changes in people who follow through of at least 3 months of taking the supplements for your body to heal with positive results. NOTE: The life cycle of a blood cell is 90 days. That's why I ask you to comply and do the program for 3 months to get the results you want.

   To Order a Retest / Update >>  just click HERE and you will be taken to the payment page. The cost for the update is $100.00. I will be notified of your payment and will do your updated session and contact you when your update is completed.

    Let the Healing continue...



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