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The Dirty Dozen of Foods of 2024

 Dirty Dozen vs. Clean Dozen of 2024

Aloha, All Beings,

     I just wanted to get you up to speed on WHAT to eat & what NOT to eat. 


 Based on USDA & FDA studies  

FRESH PRODUCE, whether Organic or Commercially grown foods are the healthiest foods you can eat.                 

 Childred, are most vernable in your food choices. They are VERY sentive to unsafe levels of chemical poisinings.

The Dirty Dozen Avoid List  ( Commercially Grown)

1. Strawberries ( most contamined)

2. Spinach

3. Kale

4. Peaches

5. Pears

6. Nectarines


8. Grapes

9. Bell Peppers & Hot Peppers

10. Cherries

11. Blueberries  ( 80 % are contamated)   > if not Organic.

12 Green Beans  80 % are conimated )  > if not Organic


The Clean 15 Dozen List

15 fruits & vegatables with the lowert levels of pesticides 

1. Avocados 

2. Sweet Corn

3. Pinapple

4. Onions

5. Papaya

6. Sweet Peas  ( frozen)

7. Asparagus

8. Honeydew Mellon

9. Kiwi Fruit

10. Cabbage

11. Mushroomes

12. Mung Beans

13. Sweet Pototos

14. Watermelon

15. Carrots


Bottom Line  Organic Vegtables way surpass Commercial vegtables choices. 


FINAL  RESULTS > Organic foods choices tend to contain more Vitamins & Minerals than commercially grown products. 


Your Choice,

Choose Organic. 


Naturally  Yours,















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