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Commonly called "muscle testing"



What is Kinesiology ?

     Kinesiology: (commonly called muscle testing) is very unique as it utilizes muscles responses to obtain specific information from the entire mind-body system. Kinesiology is similar to a bio-feedback loop from the brain to the muscles. Utilizing Kinesiology can identify stress somewhere in that feedback loop. 


     If the brain perceives your thoughts, feelings, foods and moods about anything as non-stressful the muscle will remain strongIf a thought, feeling, food or mood is stressful then the muscle will become weakA weak muscle test always indicates imbalance somewhere in the feedback loop from the brain to the corresponding muscle. 


     Kinesiology identifies what the whole body currently wants and needs to heal itself on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Your muscle test responses indicate what is the optimal approach to use for your unique situation.

I can muscle test you for any foods or supplements you are ingesting to see if they are compatible with your body/mind system. Also, test you for allergies to substances you use personally or are in your environment.


     Your muscle responses, strong or weak, are all indicators as to what priority your body wants and needs to heal itself. I have found that using kinesiology over many years that it targets problem areas on a sub-clinical level even before any signs or symptoms have physically or mentally occurred in or on the body. Kinesiology is a fast, safe, non- invasive technique to access information about what your body wants and needs to heal itself.


     After evaluating your muscle responses you will get a detailed personalized program, aligned for your lifestyle, that works to support your current needs for whole body wellness and a happier life.


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