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The Link to Access to the "Nutritional Survey" 

Please read this entire page before you proceed.

    Congratulations, you have arrived at the web site to have a better healthier life. 

     Your life will improve if you follow the advice given in the final report of the "Nutritional Survey". Your test results are totally based on the answers you give on the "Nutritional Survey" questionnaire that you are about to take.  

   NOTE: Some of the questions asked are repetitive / re-occurrences of a particular symptom during the time you are taking the Nutritional Survey. Those repeat answers are O.K.  Check them again. Those answers are connected to other answers within the Nutritional Survey system report findings. So, think about your answers deeply before you check the box. It will impact your test results.Dramatically.

These are the On-Line Computerized NutritionalSurvey Instructions below:

1. Click on this web address www.nutriweb.info/DenisewiczR to access the Nutritional Survey.

2. Follow the instructions to create your personal login. Write your login information down to use for future re-evaluations.

3. After logging into your new account, fill in as much information as possible, noting the required fields. Then press "Save" then "Done"

4. Accept the Disclosure Agreement.

5. Click on next to "Enter a new Nutritional Survey" & continue.

6. Enter Height, weight, and other vital signs, if known. Follow all instructions to answer all the questions.

7. Consider all questions; Some questions are repeated but that’s O.K. it is intentionally repeated for different areas of the body systems, scroll down to see all of the screen. Click "Next" when done with that group.

8. Click "Exit" when completed. Click "Save/Finish" if done or "Review/Edit" to make any Survey changes or corrections.

After completion of the survey, click the box at the bottom to accept our privacy policy, then click Submit.

The Benefits of Receiving Your "Nutritional Survey"  

  This online computerized Nutritional Survey questionnaire is an important part of your quest for best health. This computerized program evaluates a deeper level of your body chemistry effecting your health and supports your basic nutritional needs. Nutritional imbalances upset your body chemistry and ultimately lead to poor health and dis-ease.

  This Nutritional Survey computerized software program uniquely evaluates each question, how it relates to other questions within each of the different groups, within the survey.  The program does over 2400 calculations when reviewing your answers on the questionnaire. The answers provided by you in the questionnaire are processed by the software program to evaluate & identify the root / core nutritional deficiency that is causing your current symptoms or chronic health complaint.  

  Your test results will then be evaluated and a 3 page report of your nutritional priorities will be emailed to you along with information on how to order the supplements recommended plus the cost for a month supply. The supplements and their cost are all based on the answers you provided in the "Nutritional Symptom Survey" questionnaire.      

The Nutritional Survey identifies root nutritional deficiencies using the information provided by you in your nutritional survey questionnaire.  I use the findings of the survey to plan a course of action to prevent further escalation of any health problem or even eliminate them as a pro-active means of promot­ing wellness.  It is especially helpful for you, to be able to examine the foundational cause of the issues that are contributing to your health concerns which might otherwise, go unnoticed..                    

Click on this link www.nutriweb.info/DenisewiczR to access the Nutritional Survey:   

Prevent Illness Instead of Treating It…

As the age old adage says: “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”   

Wishing you vibrant health & a happy life,

 Roger Denisewicz N.C.



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