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"Nutritional  Survey"  only $29.95

 A Nutritional Survey That Evaluates The Current Nutritional Needs of your Body.

     This Nutritional Survey is a sophisticated software program that targets your personal health concerns based on the answers you submitted during the symptom survey questionnaire.  This software program uniquely looks at each of the 244 symptom questions in 8 different groups within the survey and evaluates your answers relative to other questions and answers within each group of the survey. The software does over 2400 calculations when reviewing your answers to the questionnaire and is able to compare the answers of your survey as to what is the basic root nutritional cause of your health symptoms which can ultimately lead to poor health, dis-ease and chronic illness.

Uncovering the underlying nutritional CAUSE of your health issues

     This online computerized Nutritional Survey questionnaire is an important part of your quest for better health.  This program evaluates a deeper level of your nutritional health needs, on a cellular level.

The results of your taking the Nutritional Survey will be analyzed and scored according to your answers in the questionnaire.  A three-step report will be generated and you will receive your final Nutritional Survey test results by e-mail.

Step One: Nutritional Survey prioritizes specific areas of the body that need attention & specific nutritional support to balance the entire body/mind system.                                                                                                                                                                         

Step Two: Provides a list of nutritional priorities (by percentages) indicating by degrees what parts of a body are being affected by the nutritional imbalances you currently have based on the input of your symptom survey entries.                                                           

Step Three:  Suggested recommendation of what nutritional supplements are needed to correct the underlying nutritional imbalances you are currently experiencing will be provided along with the cost of the supplements for a month supply.

Your “Results of Findings”

   Your “Results of Findings” is the final step, of this computerized Nutritional Survey questionnaire. Is an integrated part of your health regime to support your desire for optimum health and wellness.  The Nutritional Survey evaluates the nutritional needs of all your organs, glands and systems that could be creating a wide range of physical symptoms due to nutritional imbalances somewhere within your body. This Nutritional Survey accesses a deeper level of your health problem and recommends certain whole food supplements to fit the current nutritional needs of your body.

Payment and the Access Link to the Nutritional Survey

    After you have completed your payment  a representative from Body Expressions, will contact you via e-mail with the “Link to Access the Nutritional Survey” questionnaire that you will fill-out on-line.

   Once completed & submitted Nutritional Survey results will then be evaluated.  A three page “Report of  Findings” will follow of your nutritional priorities. They will be emailed to you along with information on ordering the suggested supplements recommended to balance your body chemistry. The cost for a month supply of the supplements your body needs to heal will also be included.  The supplement costs are all based on the answers you provided in the "Nutritional Survey" questionnaire. 

Click here for making a Payment & the Link to Access the Nutritional Survey

Thank you for taking control of your health.     

All the Best,

 Roger Denisewicz, N.C.



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