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What is Kinesiology ?

Kinesiology defined  is the science of studying "Muscle Movement"

     The Science of Kinesiology has been around since the 60's. Discovered by a chiropractor named George Goodhart.  Dr.Goodhart could determine what nutritional supplement a person needed based on the muscle response's he would get when testing a person with a nutritional supplement being held in the patient's hand.

     Kinesiology, is also called "Muscle Testing". It's a way for a practitioner, to communicate with the body through muscle movement or muscle testing. Kinesiology, is unique as it utilizes muscles responses to obtain specific information from the entire Mind-Body System. Kinesiology is similar to a bio-feedback loop from the brain to a specific muscle. Utilizing Kinesiology can identify stress somewhere in that bio-feedback loop. How the muscle responds to being challenged or tested gives me the practitioner valuable information on how to proceed with a appropriate treatment.

     The brain can perceive your thoughts, feelings, foods and moods about anything. In a non-stressful situation the muscle will remain strong. If a thought, feeling, food or mood is stressful then the muscle will become weak. A weak muscle test always indicates an imbalance somewhere in the bio-feedback loop from the brain to the corresponding muscle. 

     Kinesiology, can identify what your body currently wants and needs to heal itself on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. Your muscle test responses directly indicate what is the best approach to use for balancing your Body-Mind-System.

Testing for Foods, Allergies & Nutritional Deficiencies 

      Utilizing Kinesiology, I can muscle test you for any foods or supplements you are ingesting to see if they are compatible with your body at this time.

      I also check for any nutritional deficiencies you currently may have that is compromising your health & healing. I use a testing procedure called "Morphogenic Field Technique" (MFT) to gather information about your current state of health & how to change it if needed.


MFT -  What is it ?

    MFT, is a modified version of Kinesiology / muscle testing procedure called "Morphogenic Field Technique". MFT is based on the simple premise that the energy field of the body will provide information regarding the overall health & wellness of the Body/Mind System.

       BELOW is a picture of the energy field around the body, that has information in this field, that helps the body balance & heal itself.




        Above, is a Kirlian photograph of the "Electrical Field" of a leaf, a fingertip and a hand. This is the "Energy Field " or "Aura" of these objects. YOU, have an energy field too. I utilize your energy field  to get vital information about YOU during a MFT session.                                                                                       

      As a practitioner, I utilize this MFT field using Kinesiology to test and find out what the "ENERGY FIELD" (photo above) is doing around your body. During a session, I will be measuring your "energy field" using kinesiology. My testing results will provide me with information of what your body is interested in taking or doing, which will expand your body's ENERGY FIELD and tell me what nutrients your body is wanting & needing to heal itself.



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