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                  EMOTIONAL BALANCING              
            N.E.T. creates emotional balance within the Body / Mind System

What is Neuro Emotional Technique = (N.E.T.)

    It's a way to address a current emotionally charged issue that has an origin from your childhood. You may have NO CLUE about this past memory.

Because, It's hidden in your sub-conscious memory

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        Doing a N.E.T. session can neutralize the emotional trauma from a childhood memory, bringing you back to a place of "Peace" within yourself as the current issue you are currently having is resolved.

     I have personally been using N.E.T for the past 22 years in my holistic practice with amazing results. My clients feel " relieved " when they leave my office.  


      N.E.T. was first created in 1988 by Dr. Scott Walker, a chiropractor who receive the "Chiropractor of the Year"  award in 1989 for his creation of the Neuro-Emotional Technique now commonly called  = N.E.T. 

 The Home Run Formula 

N.E.T. > is like comparing the human body to a baseball diamond.                       Each base directly influencing the other bases.

First Base, addresses the emotional factors of the body.

Second Base, addresses the effects of toxins in the body.

Third Base, addresses the nutritional needs of the body.

Home Plate, addresses structural balance of the body.                                                 

                           So How is Complete Healing Attained                             When ALL of the below Four Bases are addressed and balanced.  


Historical  Results 

 Currently more than 10,000 practitioners from 30+ countries have completed the N.E.T. training.  Helping thousands of people, around the world get well.

         N.E.T. accesses acupuncture meridians as body / mind entry point to identify and releases core emotion blocks from an earlier emotional event in some cases has compromized their ability to deal with a similar current stress they may be feeling, that mirrors the initial emotion that occured possibly in their childhood and never got extinguished.

       In a session, I will be guiding you virtually to that same time frame (snapshot) of the original event & time frame that was perceived to you as a threat as a child. Then guiding you to a point of releasing the OLD TRAUMATIC EVENT in your memory.


     Doing this procedure, The trauma, from the original event, usually from Childhood  is now neutralized & extinguished allowing you access to a place of peace & tranquility within your own body/mind system.


N.E.T. Master Chart is below

 The 12 Meridians and Emotions contained within those meridians

Interested in Clearing some OLD Emotional Garbage?

I can help you be at " Peace with Yourself " 

The COST for ONE session is only $120.00.  >> Normal cost is $200.00 You Save $80.00

The COST for FOUR sessions is $360.00 > Normal cost is $800.00 You Save $440.00    

Your Fourth session is FREE.



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Thank you for your interest in my work


Your Healing



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