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Endo-Met Supplements

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About Endo-Met Laboratories

   Endo-Met Laboratories has provided health care professionals with high quality, specialized formulated line of vitamin and mineral supplements designed to assist in balancing body chemistry, since 1975.

   Endo-Met Labs founded in 1975 by Dr.Paul Eck, offers nutritional products which balance your body chemistry through mineral balancing & their ratios through 

     Dr. Eck, has long been considered a nutritional authority on nutrition and bio-chemisty of the human body. I personally have been using his hair analysis recomendations for 35 years with great results. I cleared myself of mercury, aluminium, and cadium poisioning using Dr.Eck's formulas from Endo-Met Labs. Dr. Eck was a nutritional pioneer providing scientific evidence in the field of nutritional therapy to balance the human body chemistry. 

   Endo-Met Labs  distrubites Dr. Eck's formulas.  Endo -Met labs offers a line of products to faciliate cellular correction through Energy Pathways & the biochemical differances of Oxidation Types unlike any other laboratory. Endo-Met Labs offer a specifically formulated line of mineral and vitamin supplements designed to match the biochemical individuality of customers though the results of a Dr. Eck's Analytical Hair Analysis. To order a hair analysis. Click HERE 

    All raw materials used in the formulation and manufacturing of Endo-Met formulas are verified from the manufacturer with a "certificate of analysis". This certificate ensures that Endo-Met vitamins and minerals meet specific potency and quality guidelines. Endo-met uses a certified grade of herbs, which guarantees that the pharmacologically active part of the plants is used. Endo-Met glandular products contain animal substances that meet or exceed all government standards. In addition we purchase only from manufacturers who operate under FDA licensed facilities. Our glandulars products are from the United States and Argentina.

Endo-met supplements are free of: Gluten, GMO's, Hormones, Soy, (except Super Vital E), Wheat, Whey,Yeast, Dairy, Casein, Corn (except for ascorbic acid derived from corn).

Endo-met  products containing any fish oil are tested for Mercury contamination according to the "Certificate of Analysis" from the supplier of the raw material used in the product. 


Toxic Heavy Metal Removal

   A Dr. Eck Analytical Hair Analysis Click HERE to determine if you currently have toxic heavy metals in your body through a his hair analysis. (see Below). The above concept can also be used to identify and eliminate toxic Heavy Metals and replace vital trace minerals which are involved in thousands of critical metabolic enzyme reactions in the body. 

    Body Expressions offers Dr. Eck's 15-20 page Hair Analysis report complete with individualized bio-chemical hair test interpretation by the method developed by Dr. Paul Eck. This 15-20 page report is unique as it includes information related to your metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system, autonomic balance, glandular activity and metabolic trends, a personal dietary supplement program, basic diet recommendations and other information that can be inferred from the test results.

Hair Analysis Testing

    Dr. Eck's famous Hair Analysis is available through this web site. Just click on "Lab Tests" to your left. Or Click here NOW   

Ordering Endo-Met Supplements ( See Below)

     For details of the ingredients in the supplement

just click on the name of the supplement.

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Product   Price
Dr, Eck's Hair Analysis ( See Types of Profiles )   $140.00
5 - Hydroxy - Tryptophan (30 count)   $22.00
Acidophilus Enteric (90 count)   $20.00
Endo - A-C (90 count)   $20.00
Endo - A-C (180 count)   $39.00
ATP - Energy Boost (90 count)   $38.00
Bilberry (60 count)   $28.00
B-12 - Sub-Lingual (60 count)   $14.50
Calcium Lactate (100 capsules)   $15.00
Caprylic Formula (100 count)   $24.00
Cat's Claw (60 count)   $27.00
Chromium Nicotinate Plus (60 count)   $13.00
Chromium Picolinate (60 count)   $13.00
Co-Enzyme Q10 + Vitamin E (25mg.) (60 count)   $34.00
Colloidal Silver ( 4 oz. )   $30.00
Dismuzyme (90 count)   $22.00
Elo-Vite (60 count)   $23.00
Endo-Dren (90 count)   $22.00
Endo-Dren ( 180 count)   $49.00
Endo -Pan (90 count)   $22.00
Endo-Pan (180 count)   $43.00
Endo-Veggies (formally Veg-Easy) (90 count)   $21.00
Endo-Veggies (formally Veg-Easy ) (180 count)   $41.00
Enz-Aid (90 count)   $18.00
Enz-Aid (180 count)   $35.00
EPA - DHA (90 count)   $26.00
EPA-DHA ( 180 count)   $51.00
Flax Oil (90 count)   $19.00
Garlic (100 count)   $19.00
G/C 1000 Plus (60 count)   $30.00
GB-3 (90 count)   $30.00
GB-3 (180 count)   $59.00
Ginkgo Extract (60 count)   $19.00
Kelp (90 count)   $12.00
Kelp (180 count)   $23.00
Limcomin (90 count)   $24.00
Limcomin (180 count)   $47.00
Lithium Amino-Acid Chelate (100 count)   $20.00
Magnesium (90 count)   $12.00
Magnesium (180 count)   $23.00
M.C.H.C. Calcium (120 count)   $25.00
Melatonin (60 count)   $16.00
Megapan (90 count)   $25.00
Megapan (180 count)   $49.00
Paramin (90 count)   $24.00
Paramin (180 count)   $47.00
Pro-Antho Formula (60 count)   $31.00
Vitamin (B-6) (100 count)   $15.00
Renamide (90 count)   $22.00
Renamide (180 count)   $43.00
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