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Dr, Eck's Hair Analysis  ( See Types of Profiles )

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Body Expressions is proud to offer Dr. Eck's Hair Analysis Test.  Developed by the late Dr.Paul Eck. in the 70's.  Dr. Eck was a science master and a renowned nutritionist.  Dr Eck develped a Hair Analysis Screening System, that measures the mineral content of not only your hair but of the entire vitamin/mineral ratios of your entire body based on the mineral content of your hair. 

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    I, Roger, in the early 70's was saved by Dr. Eck's Hair Analysis. ( More Later) I had been working at the time, for many years, as a hobby, in the art of creating beautiful works of art in the "Stainrd Glass Field"

   I had my works advertized in local newspapers and had showings of my work at prestigious homes in the Bay Area. During that time period,  BUT, there was a price to pay. I noticed daily a numbness in my arms every morning. My elbow's were numb at that time and my ability to track a car next to me on the road was failing. I got scared and needed some help. 

     So, I scheduled an appointment with my personal doctor friend, Dr. Michael Rosenbaum  M.D. to see what was happening with me. Dr. Michael, did his typical blood work and said that I had "Heavy Metal Poisoning." and wanted me to do  "Chelation Therapy" with EDTA.  EDTA is a recognized drug therapy to clear toxins from the body systems. I had reservations with this approach. Based on the toxic affects of this treatment.

   I did agree to Dr, Michaels suggestion to do EDTA and see what my test results will bring. This is at same time as I was doing my Dr. Eck's vitamin/ mineral therapy program.



     Dr. Eks supplements were getting the same or better results than doing the toxic EDTA. from Dr. Rosenbaum's.office.

 Bottom Line: The Endo-Met supplements taken at that time healed me.  

Honestly, It did take a a while for my healing. But, I'm well now after many years of numbness  

  My hair analysis results at that time were, off the charts.  My hair test results indicated  I had MAJOR METAL TOXICITY from my work in stained glass. That was a wake up call for me to STOP doing what I did.  Which, I loved so much doing which was "Stained Glass Work"


     It Stopped me, from doing the glass work I loved so much. I then got onto Dr Eck's program to get rid of the poisons I have accumulated in my body doing stained glass work. The major metals that I accumulated in my body over many years were:  Lead, Mercury, Cadium, Nickel. These metals are so toxic to the human body. I was blessed to know this information. So I took action. 

    I took ALL of the suggested supplements that Dr. Eck recommended for many months. Finally, I got well. The numbness in my arms daily subsided, I could think better and have conversations that were absent for me for a while I was in my detox mode  Endo-Met supplements helped me through the most difficult time in my life.

 To order this hair test click on "Lab Tests" to the left of this screen and scroll down to Dr. Eck's Hair Analysis. Please indicate what Profile you are wanting to order.

  Upon completion of your hair analysis.  You will receive a 15-20 page report which includes information related to your metabolic rate, energy levels, sugar and carbohydrate tolerance, immune system health, glandular activity, heavy metal toxicity and metabolic trends.  A suggested supplement program is recommended based on your hair tests results in the report. These supplements are available on this web site by clicking "Products and Supplements" then scrolling down to "Endo-Met"  All the supplements you need are listed here

The Dietary Profile # 5 is more personalIt's a personal guidline to support your lifestyle based on your hair analysis results. (click on "Lab Tests" to the left ) To to get your Dietary Profile 5 we recommendations and other valuable information that can support your being for a liftime and be revied by you, initiated from you, from the same hair test results you submitted.

 However, a hair analysis is much more than a test for minerals. It also measures mineral ratios to one another, heavy metal toxicity and dietary imbalances occuring in the body at this time.



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                " Your Body has the Answer to Your Cure" ...   Roger                        

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