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The Earth's natural electrical field is DC ( Direct Current)

We, are Part of the Earth.

Our body is made from minerals from the Earth. ( All Earth minerals have an electrical DC charge)

When we die our body & minerals go back to the Earth.

The Earth is Electrical, North & South Pole's, emitting a Direct Current called DC

These Positive & Negative DC currents keep the planet in orbit around the Sun.

We, as humans have positive & negative DC currents running throughout our body, that keeps us alive.

Our Brain, Heart, ALL Glands, Organs & Systems are running on DC current NOT man made AC current


Differance between AC vs. DC Currents

A C Current > We pick up man-made AC (Alternating Current) daily from anything that's electrical around us. We absorb this AC radiation current through the hairs on our skin. With AC exposure, it builds up in the body as "Fee Radicals" which then cause "Inflamation " to occur in every cell of our 72 Trillion body cells 

This build-up of AC current leads to a dis-ease of the nervous system, which communicates with every part of our body. 

This bombardment of AC current creates "inflamation". Medical studies has proven that the cause of ALL Disease is "Inflamation"

A few inflamatory diseases are: Heart Problems, Diabetes, Dementia, Arthritis, Auto-immune, Chronic Fatique, Insomnia, MS, 

DC energy is created by the Earth in it's natural state 



Here is a quick link to access many Grounding & Shielding tools to:

  •  Connect you to the Earth, by Grounding you for your ultimate Healing
  •  Shield you from TOXIC  EMF's & WiFi radiation



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