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           The Good News about Cancer
FACT:  Cancer cannot survive in an oxygen environment. Meaning, if your body gets enough oxygen by aerobic (oxygen) exercise, Breathing techniques or supplements you have a strong chance of not getting or eliminating cancer. Yes, this is a strong statement, but it’s true.
The prime cause of cancer is lack of oxygen in the cells of the body system. Based on a study of Professor Otto Warburg (1883-1970) who was the most famous cancer researcher of the entire 20th century. He won a Nobel prize for his work in1931. Otto Warburg proved that a 35% decrease in cellular oxygen level in your body will induce a cancer environment to thrive. 
            What that means to you is to do everything possible to increase the oxygen levels in your body. To boost your oxygen levels you need to ingest 1-2 TBL.of Flax seed oil or Cod liver oil daily. This will insure that you are getting the omega - fats you need to maintain a proper oxygen level to prevent cancer.
It is noted that the blood levels of the enzyme called CoQ10 are reduced in cancer patients. It is suggested by a European study that showed a 100% survival rate in breast cancer when patients were supplemented 90 mgs of CoQ10 daily. Another study showed consuming 300-400mg. of CoQ10 a day showed complete remission of breast tumors in breast cancer.
If You Already Have Cancer
Go to this web site: www.cancerdecisions.com This is a great website to get the truth about cancer.
For a basic supplement program that all people with cancer need is:
Arginex = 6 tabs a day.
Cataplex E = 6 a day
Cyuta-Plus = 9 a day
Immuplex = 6 a day
Cataplex C =6 a day
Min-Tran = 6 a day
Thymex = 6 a day

                                                        To purchase the above supplements

        Just call the BODYexpressions office at 949-933-7666 and they will process your order that day.   The above supplements are needed to be taken with meals for 3 months for positive results.




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