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Valerian Nerve   ( 2 oz. liquid extract)

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    Valerian Extract has a powerful anti-spasmodic effect upon the body systems. It is gently stimulating, very soothing and quieting to the nervous system. Valerian is an effective calmative. It influences circulation by slowing the action of the heart, while increasing its force; therefore it has been very beneficial in cases of cardiac (heart) palpitation.

Potter's Cyclopaedia indicates that valerian "may be given in all cases to allay pain and promote sleep. It is strongly nervine without any narcotic effects and enters into various herbal nervine and antispasmodic compounds.

   Valerian also produces an exhilarating sensation. Besides acting upon the circulatory system, it stimulates secretion and peristalsis of the stomach and intestines. Valerian is an excellent anti-flatulent for infants and for hysterical and hypochondriacally subjects. It heals ulcerated stomachs and is powerful in preventing intestinal fermentation.



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