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Laboratory Tests > Profile 2- Initial Hair Analysis & Interpertation
Profile 2- Initial Hair Analysis & Interpertation

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Dr. Eck's Hair Analysis & Heavy Mineral Interpretation:  by Analytical Labs


Analytical Lab, is the company that will be doing the hair-analysis, I have been associated with Analytical Labs and using their hair tests since 1975. I initially had a hair analysis by Analytical in 1975. It noted at that time that I had significant level of toxic metals in my system which I aquired from my former business as a Painter & Stained Glass Artist. working with lead on a daily basis.  I then went to a medical doctor for a second opinion Which, I got and  was diagnosed by an M.D. as having "Heavy Metal Poisioning"  Which was confirmed by Anlytical Labs with my hair analysis of "Heavy Metal Poisining"   

Profile 2 (Initial Hair Analysis & Heavy Metal Interpretation) This is the initial lab test that evaluates the mineral content of your body including TOXIC HEAVY METALS.  The test indicates what  "normal"  vitamin/mineral ratios are needed in the body for optimum health and YOUR levels at the time of testing.  It also indicates any toxic heavy metal levels currently in your body which can cause a multitude of health problems. 

      If you are curious to what your body is wanting to heal itself and interested in a hair analysis contact us at Body Expressions at 949-933-7666 and we will send you the appropriate forms needed to do a hair analysis. NOTE: Along with your hair analysis you will get a detailed list of  what supplements you need to take on a monthly basis to correct your nutritional imbalances.




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