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Personalized Body Dowsing

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Personalized Body Dowsing

     In a Personalized  Body  Dowsing session your current health conditions are addressed first. Then pre-existing conditions that may be a possible future health concern are checked next which could be a contributing factor toward your current health problem or concern.  Ultimately, any nutritional imbalance if not addressed or corrected will eventually affect every organs, glands or system in your body, when looking at the body as a whole organism.

   Personalized Body Dowsing, is a way for me to ‘tune into your energy field’ though the use of a pendulum, a scoring chart and your PERMISSION to do the evaluation. Therefore, I must have your permission  to access cellular information about you and the health of your entire body/mind system. Specific dosages of the supplement program are also recommended using whole food supplements, herbal remedies and homeopathic's to regain optimal health.



A Personalized Body Dowsing Session.  

Pay for your session on this page by clicking on "add to Cart" See Above

      Then go to this link http://www.body-expressions.com/page/page/2684308.htm   and follow the instructions to receive your Personalized Body Dowsing report.  Please allow 14 days for the results of your report. You will be contacted by Roger Denisewicz by phone or email for your test results.

If you have questions regarding this test please contact Roger at yourbodycanheal@gmail.com with your comments or questions.

Thank you for your order.                         



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