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N.E.T Remedies > #2 Metal - Lung and Large Intestine Meridians
#2 Metal - Lung and Large Intestine Meridians

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NET Remedies® #2 Metal is correlated with the Acupuncturist's "white" METAL Element. The organ/meridians associated with the Metal Element are Large Intestine and Lung. Emotions associated with this element are dogmatically positioned, grief, crying, compelled to neatness, defensive, sadness, yearning, cloudy thinking, and anguish. Direct physical indicators are the mucus, the nose, the sense of smell, body hair and the skin. Some of the muscles related to the Metal Element are the Tensor Fascia Lata, Hamstrings and Quadratus Lumborum, which are all effected by the lumbar spinal nerves. Think of using NET Remedies® #2 Metal with low back problems. Also consider using it for grief situations, such as funerals, etc.



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