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Dr Stones Liver Flush

Juice of 2-3 fresh squeezed oranges
juice of half a fresh squeezed lemon
1 tbl. of cold pressed oil (olive, sesame or safflower oil).
1-2 cloves of fresh organic garlic peeled.
(Garlic capsules may be substituted for fresh garlic.)
Put all above ingredients into blender and blend about 10-15 seconds to liquefy.
Drink entire amount.
Followed by drinking a cup of tea below
(Freshly chewed parsley will clean your breath of a garlic odor)

Wait 5-10 minutes and drink one cup of either: peppermint, comfrey or fenugreek herbal tea or a mix of all three teas together. Do not sweeten this early morning tea.

The rest of the day eat normally,
As you continue your day, remember, bread, sugar, dairy & flour products clog up the digestive system and creates mucous that prevents your good healthy needed nutrients from being absorbed properly.
So please, Make good healthy food choice

If you are wanting a more personalize program for getting cleaned out & getting healthy
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