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Cold, Flu & Fever Remedy
I have personally used or recommended this remedy to 1000's of my clients, friends and families for many years with great results of success. It's NEVER failed to work.

You will need the following ingredients before you begin this two part process:

Herbal Tea Preparation:
1 oz. Peppermint Leaves
1 oz. Elder Flowers Or Linden Flowers
16 oz. Spring water

Bring water to a boil water in saucepan, take pot off heat.
Add the entire 2 ozs. of both herbs into water and mix, let stand with pot covered for 15 min. (it will be very thick) Then,
strain herbal liquid into an 8 oz cup. Bring hot cup of
herbal tea into bathroom with the below bath already prepared and ready to get in.

The Bath tub soak: Prepare bath while brewing herbal tea
1 oz. Ginger Powder
1 oz. Mustard Powder
1 oz Cayenne Powder

Put all 3 ozs. of herbs into hot bath water. Women apply
vasaline on vaginal area, men on their testes, otherwise
it will sting. Remain in tub about 20 min. and drink ALL of
the herbal tea mixture WHILE IN THE BATH TUB. You MAY start to
sweat. That's great, because you are now opening millions of
pores in your skin to release the toxins OUT OF YOUR BODY
by SWEATING which is a key factor in healing the cold/flu
or lowering a fever quickly.

Then go directly to bed and pile on lots of blankets to
continue the sweating process. Like I just said, The
sweating process is the key factor in getting you well and
will bring a fever down overnight and assist your body in
cleaning house.

So don't take off the covers because your TOO HOT & sweating. YOU WANT TO SWEAT AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE.
In the morning you will feel much better.Guaranteed. Upon arising drink lots of water to replace the water you lost in sweat during the night.

Congratulations you did it.

FROM THE CHIN DOWN? Your skin is the largest eliminative
organ in the body. It literally breathes. That's why we get
colds and flu's in the winter, because we wear so many
clothes that our body can't breathe and the toxins can't get
out quick enough so the body creates a cold or flu to get
the excess mucous out of the body which is filled with
excess toxins the body needs to get rid of. We hardly ever
get colds in the summer, thats why.

If you have questions on this procedure or have other
health concerns feel free to contact Roger at >
yourbodycanheal@gmail.com OR call the office at 808-855-8272
Roger Denisewicz N.C.



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