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Purifying Diet by DR. RUDOLPH STONE
the creator of “Polarity Therapy”

Follow this outline for a period of (10-14 days) for
Maximum results

Dr. Stones Purifying Diet is designed to cleanse & purify
the digestive and eliminative systems of your body.
During this cleanse be aware of your feelings when
you have the need to eat. Write them down.

During this purifying process. LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Eat only when you are hungry.
When you start to feel full STOP eating,do not over eat.
Choose foods that are organically grown,look and feel fresh
and are mostly raw. Eat slowly and really taste the food,
chew food thoroughly until food is almost liquid in your mouth
[chew 40x each mouthful] you will get 10x more food value
from your food if you eat all your food this way.

The morning hours are used for flushing and cleansing the liver and kidneys.
No solid food food is to be eaten during this time, liquids only.

Begin the day with the day with this Liver Flush.
Liver Flush:
The juice of half a fresh squeezed lemon
The juice of 2-3 fresh squeezed oranges
1 tbl. of cold pressed oil (olive, sesame or safflower
oil. All these oils are available at health food stores.
1-2 cloves of fresh garlic peeled and chopped.
(Garlic capsules may be substituted for fresh garlic.)
Put all above ingredients into blender and blend about 10-15
seconds to liquefy. Drink entire amount.
followed by a cup of tea described next. Freshly chewed parsley will clean your breath of a garlic.

AFTER THE LIVER FLUSH, After 5-10 minutes drink one cup of either
peppermint, comfrey or fenugreek herbal tea or a mix of all three teas together.
Do not sweeten this early morning tea.

Fresh fruit or juice Herbal tea can be sweetened if needed.

Lunch is the main meal of the day.
Raw vegetable salad: use lots of fresh sprouts, they are easy to grow and
are a source of protein (alfalfa, lentil, sunflower and
mung are best). Most commercial dressings have sugar and
preservatives, avoid them. You can make your own dressing
with oil, lemon juice, garlic and herbs. Various cold
pressed oils, soy sauce or tamari is simple, easy and
tasty. Add raw pumpkin or sunflower seeds and raisins if you
Steamed and/or Baked Vegetables: (See note about starches
below) Wash, drain and chop all vegetables. Season with
toasted sesame seeds, oil and tamari, etc. Add lots of

Fresh fruit or vegetable juice.
Sprout Salad: Mixed sprouts, tomatoes, scallions, avocado
with home made or sugar free dressing.

Dried fruit, soaked all dried fruit first overnight in water
or apple juice before eating it for easy assimilation of nutrients.

Herbal tea: fenugreek (low boil 20 min first) strain,then drink
OR a mixture of comfrey leaf, ginger root, peppermint (steep 10 min)
strain and drink is a pleasant substitute for coffee or black tea.
This tea can be sweetened.

A light and early dinner is best for a restful sleep. Fruit or Vegetable Salad Steamed or Baked Vegetables

Evening Tea's: Comfrey, Chamomile, Lemongrass, Hibiscus,
or a commercial blend of Celestrial Seasoning's "sleepy time" tea.

IMPORTANT: No Meat, Fish, Eggs, Grains, Dairy, Sugar,
Drugs, Alcohol, Caffeine, Fried Foods, or Starches during this cleanse.
(NO corn, beans, potatoes, rice] should be eaten during this
10-14 day period.

This purifying diet will do a major cleaning of your entire digestive system and detoxify your body at the same time. I personally have done this diet
several times with great results.

If you have questions about this purifying diet please
e-mail Roger at: yourbodycanheal@gmail.com OR call the
office at 808-855-8272



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