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Radiation Poisoning / Detoxification

Radiation is an acidic/ negative charged particle that influences every cell in your body. Radiation has it's own "Frequency Wave". These negative "frequency waves are invisible micro-waves and have a powerful effect on the health of the human body. Radiation, typically targets the nervous system. The nervous system communicates with more than 72 Trillion cells in the human body. Radiation, can target any organs or system in the body based on your body’s genetic vulnerability. In this age, of the internet, computers, cell phones, cell towers, SMART meters, Make NO mistake, the cyber space is upon us and it exists in almost every country & city in the world.
Toxic Radiation fields are Everywhere! Radiation fields totally confuses our nervous system so it does not know what messages to respond too. Causing, cells to die, too soon, due to mixed electrical impulses from the nervous system caused by chaotic messages from the radiation thats effecting our nervous system’s ability to decipher information to regulate body functions. THEN, added on to our daily stress levels we become more likely to develop health problems. Especially, brain imbalances & nervous system disorder’s.
Radiation can settle in ANY part of the body. Like the bones, thyroid, sex organs, brain, lungs. Etc. Some sources of Radiation come from: automobiles, hospitals, cell phones, medical treatments, computers, T.V. microwave ovens, smoke detectors, cordless or digital anything, GPS,= (Global Positioning System) lighting, hair dryers, cell towers, airports/airplanes, high voltage power lines (overhead and underground), Solar flares and other radiation sources that are unknown to you.    

The Good News, I can help you rid your body of Radiation Poisoning

BATH TUB DETOX > Take a sea salt & baking soda bath. Take a Bath. Add to the bath water 1 lb. of sea salt and 1 lb. of baking soda. Get in tub and soak for 40 min. NOTE: You may have to take more than one bath depending how much radiation you have within your body. Usually, 1-3 baths in total. Skip / Rest a day between each bath. Roger, will instruct you how many baths to take. >>>> You need to take ____ baths. Skip ____ days between baths.
FOOT BATH DETOX > You can soak your feet in a basin / plastic file box will do nicely, with 2 lb. of sea salt and 2 lb. of baking soda. Soak your feet for 1 hour. in hot/warm water The pores on your feet are the largest pores in the body and the radiation will get sucked OUT into the bath water through your feet. You may need to do a few foot baths depending on how much radiation you have in your body. Usually, 1-3 foot baths are needed. Skip /Rest a day between each foot bath. These foot baths will neutralize any radiation in the body.        You need to take _____ foot baths. Skip _____ days between baths.

Roger, will instruct you on how many baths to take to neutralize the radiation in your body through his testing procedure.

MORE Info on BAKING SODA ( bottom of page)

How do I know if I have Radiation in my body?
If you want to know if you do have radiation in your body or how many baths to take go to "Personalized Body Dowsing" http://www.body-expressions.com/page/page/2684308.htm Follow the instructions for a Complete Health Evaluation on what your body wants & needs for balancing your body chemistry, which includes checking you for your level of radiation poisoning.

Testing for Radiation Poisoning
For more info on being tested for Radiation Poisoning contact:
Cell: Roger Denisewicz at 949-933-7666
E-mail Roger at: yourbodycanheal@gmail.com

Date: Mon,15 Feb. 2010

M.D.'s say action needed to prevent Ionizing Radiation from Full Body Scanners at Airports!

Last week we received an email from Dr. Gabriel Cousins,MD on the dangers of full body scanning at airports. He is a tireless researcher on the path of natural healing. As director of the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Center in Nogales, Arizona he has guided many on the path back toward wellness.

He has written a powerful essay on the dangers of the x-ray machines that are now being introduced at airports to x-ray people. What Dr. Cousins has to say is so important that we have taken the liberty of reproducing some excerpts from his letter: --

These new X-ray machines, are being field tested at JFK, LAX, and Orlando airports. These x-rays penetrate a few centimeters into the skin and reflect back out a naked body image. While some will view this as a personal violation, this is not the immediate problem.

Those implementing this near-sighted, and ultimately genocidal, agenda have deliberately ignored the outstanding research of Dr. John Gofman, Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology, University of California, Berkeley showing that THERE IS NO SAFE DOSE OF IONIZED RADIATION.

This statement is based on years of serious unbiased research. Ionizing radiation in the X-ray spectrum damages and mutates both chromosomal DNA and structural proteins in human cells. If this damage is not repaired, it can lead to cancer.

X-rays also damage the interior walls of the arteries. These radiation damaged cells are unable to process lipo-proteins correctly, resulting in atherosclerotic plaques and mini-tumors in the arteries thus stimulating athero-sclerosis and heart disease.

Dr. Gofman's studies indicate that radiation from medical diagnostics and treatment is a causal co-factor in 50% of America's cancers and 60% of our ischemic (blood flow blockage) heart disease. He stresses that the frequency with which Americans are medically X-rayed "makes for a significant radiological impact." The bottom line is that the more people are exposed to these higher doses of radiation. This increases their risk of a real life-threatening cancer and heart disease.

I am urging you to start expressing your concern now. We must strongly protest to convince authorities that this is a dangerous, thoughtless, and a genocidal approach, which will increase the risk of cancer, atherosclerosis, heart disease, and brain damage to our population.

Dr. Cousins has rightly pointed out that there is no safe level of ionizing radiation. Millions of people at airports will exposed to excessive levels of radiation. It seems that breast tissue is extremely susceptible to radiation-induced cancer, confirming warnings by numerous experts that mammograms can initiate the very cancers they may later identify. Dr. Gofman believes that medical radiation is a co-factor in 75% of breast cancer cases. As Dr.Cousins says, the risks of women dying from the radiation from these machines far outweigh the risk of death caused by a terrorist high-jacking airplanes.

Dr. Cousins refers to this scheme as "genocidal" in terms of its effect upon health. Where we differ from Dr. Cousins is his lack of emphasis on the fact that airport travelers will be photographed in the nude. He notes it only in passing. We take a different view. Images of the naked bodies of elders, of moms with kids of pregnant women and of young people will now become the domain of Big Brother.

Even babies, we imagine, will be X-rayed. Who knows what untold thing they may be concealing in their diapers?
Jesse Schwartz, Ph.D.


Baking Soda, is the nightmare of the Pharmaceutical Industry. According to the result of research findings, cancer is a form of lactic acid, which is formed when a certain kind of fungus or mold lives in an environment devoid of oxygen. It was also discovered that by passing a very high concentration of oxygen molecules through cancer cells, it could destroy them completely.

It is really very difficult for anyone to wrap their head around the idea that a substance as common as sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can offer much more benefits than most of the pharmaceutical drugs that cost so much more than a box of baking soda. There is however, fascinating evidence that proves that sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) can indeed cure a lot of serious diseases, such as cancer and diabetes. Medical practitioners have also been advised to use it since it offers amazing benefits.

Sodium bicarbonate,(baking soda) it must be noted, is a very widely researched substance, which has been used for several years even by oncologists. The toxicity of chemotherapy and radiation are such that could destroy vital organs of the body, like the liver and kidneys, therefore, sodium bicarbonate is usually given periodically to patients to prevent this possibility.

All over the world, multitudes add sodium bicarbonate to their drinking water with the intention of curing clinical acidosis and other adverse conditions. It is a well known fact that sodium bicarbonate has saved a lot of lives in the emergency rooms. The combination of baking soda with other natural substances like iodine and magnesium chloride produces a mixture that is a wonder in the medical world.
A major issue with regards to human physiology is the problem of a lack of bicarbonate ions. This results in a decrease in the pH value of the blood. Enzymes are a fundamental part of biochemical reactions and they are highly sensitive to pH levels. Enzymes, work best in an environment that is not acidic.
The fact that cells function better is a slightly alkaline environment gives credence to the effectiveness of baking soda.

Diet plays a very important role in keeping the pH levels of the blood at acceptable levels. Unfortunately, our modern diet encourages a decrease in the pH level, making it acidic. Cellular activities and functions are drastically hampered when there is an consistent imbalance in the ph blood levels. Cells begin to deteriorate when the pH value is acidic, leading to severe health issues like cancer, gastritis, osteoporosis, diabetes and heart disease, among others.
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) helps to transport oxygen by dilating the blood vessels and releasing oxygen into the cell tissues, thereby increasing the pH value. When the pH value of urine is high, there is no crystallization of waste products in the urinary tract.
It is a known fact that uric acid causes gout, kidney stones, diabetes and heart diseases. Alcosan, which is a toxic compound is formed by fungi in an acidic environment has been shown to cause various cancers and diabetes. By orally administering baking soda, serious diseases like arthritis, gout, influenza can be prevented. It also helps the pancreas to adequately carry out its activities, which include the production of insulin and bicarbonate ions.
It doesn't matter if a person suffers from a terrible medical condition like the heart disease or cancer, even the flu, when a combination of sodium bicarbonate and magnesium chloride is taken orally, it provides a treatment that is both natural and safe. These work to effectively rid the tissues, cells and organs off all toxins and acids.
Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda) is indeed a wonderful natural substance and a nightmare to the pharmaceutical industry.

By Joanna Ocean
Reprinted by Roger Denisewicz



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