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Using this Trauma Code will collapse a trauma field and reduce the stress associated with any challanging or stressful situation that you may be currently experiencing.

1. Start by drinking water

2. Bring all fingertips on one hand together with the thumb

3. Holding this position, place this hand 2 inches above the navel with fingers pointing into your body. Continue to hold this finger placement during the entire exercise.

4. Take several deep breaths

5. This will align your energy field and assure that reading the Trauma Code will hold the clearing.

6. Do the TRAUMA code. See #8
When finished with any clearings, drink more water.

7. Take several more deep breaths....

8. How to activate the TRAUMA CODE.
Speak out loud or silently the letters below as often as desired.


As you read these codes you are activating with your voice the meridians that will assist in releasing your trauma, known or unknown to you.

This powerful and affective tool is from Quantum Techniques



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