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Roger's  Blood & Heavy Metal - De-Tox Tea


1 handful of Burbock Root (Cut)
1 handful of Red Clover Blossoms
1 handful of Nettle herb
1 handful of Pau D'arco herb bark
3 squeezes of Lobelia Tincture
1 fresh bunch of Cilantro herb ( chopped finely)
2 bags of Peppermint leaf ( 2 tea bags) > for taste.

Use a 2 quart covered pot. Low boil the Burdock Root (first) for 20 min.
Take off heat.
Then add all of the above herbs
Steep all above herbs with pot covered for 20 min.
Pour/Strain into colander with a basin/bowl below to catch the liquid herb mixture.

Then put all the herbs left in the colander back into the original pot and fill it with water just over the herbal (mush) mixture level.

Turn up the heat to just HOT. Don't Boil It again.
Turn off heat and cover for 15 min.

Then pour/strain all the ingredients into the same colander.
Add both pourings into one BIG bowl.

Let cool & pour the mixture into quart bottles and store in the refrigerator.
It will last for 4-5 days in the Frig.

DRINK: 1 quart a day. Forever (Not really but almost)

It will de-tox your body from heavy metals ,allergies, radiation & stuff I don't even know about.

For more info on this call me at 808-855-8272



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