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Healing Candida, Yeast & Leaky Gut Syndrome

This program only will take two weeks for you to get amazing results….

This time proven & tested formula coats the entire intestinal tract and can heal: Candida, Yeast Conditions, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Allergies and other Irritable Bowel Syndromes, while clearing major toxins from your colon at the same time.

Preparing the Candida Herbal Mix:

1 Put 1 oz. (by weight) of each of the following 2 herbs into 32 oz. of purified or spring water.
one ounce of Pau D’ Arco ( by weight )
one ounce of Black Walnut Hulls ( by weight)

Put the above 2 herbs and 32 oz. of purified water into a stainless steel or glass pot. Then cook the herbs down, at a low boil, to 16 oz. ( half, of the original amount of water & herb.)

2. Strain the herbs (only 16 oz. will remain) and pour the 16 oz. herbal mixture into 2 quart of distilled water. Drink, this entire 2 quart mixture for 2 days. (One quart per day, for two days.)

3. After drinking the Candida Herbal Mix for 2 days. Then take the following 2 herbs HOURLY, for TWO weeks
2 capsules of Slippery Elm powder in a capsule OR ¼ dropperful of Slippery Elm extract, Hourly.
2 capsules of Licorice Root powder in a capsule OR ¼ dropperful of Licorice Root extract, Hourly.

**** Important: Take these 2 herbs hourly from when you wake-up- until you fall asleep, for 2 weeks.
Capsules are available at a local health food store if you want to buy these herbs in bulk powder.
Herbal Extracts of these 2 herbs can be bought from a company called “Herb Pharm”. They carry both these tinctures. Herb Farm can be found in most health food stores or ordered on-line

4. After 2 weeks of taking the above 2 herbs, hourly. You will again drink the above Candida Herbal Mix for 2 days. Then, It’s time to take a Probiotic

What’s a Probiotic? A Probiotic is a supplement that has several billions of good Flora / Bacteria that your body wants & needs to balance your intestinal tract. It is vital to support your immune system to have the proper flora / bacteria to fight off harmful bacteria such as, over-growth of Candida. SUGAR’S of any kind > can majorly screws up your intestinal tract and the candida bacteria can grow. Yeast / Candida > Love’s Sugar.

Candida / Yeast Alert > if you have a Candida or Yeast problem you must NOT eat: white sugar, any high fructose corn syrup, cow milk, cow ice cream or carbohydrates. Carbohydrates turn into sugar in your body system. Avoid simple carbohydrates vs. complex carbohydrates if you can, during this one month of clearing / cleansing & detoxing your body from Candida

5. Final Step, on Clearing, Candida, Yeast and Leaky Gut Syndromes..
It’s time to take a Probiotic. You must take a Probiotic for at least two weeks maybe a month after drinking the last Candida Herbal Mix. The length of time you take the probiotics depends on how long you have had the yeast condition. The longer you have had a yeast problem the longer you need to take the Probiotic.

Short Term > yeast problem > take probiotic for 2 weeks.
Long Term > yeast problem > 1 month or more.

NOTE: I suggest, going to your local health food store and see if they carry a Probiotic with a least 30 Billion Bacteria in each capsule OR buy a product with several strains of bacteria in it.

Contact me: at 949-933-7666
Web Site > www.body-expressions.com
E-Mail > yourbodycanheal@gmail.com



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