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Slippery Elm Gruel


Therapeutic Action:
SLIPPERY ELM is a Demulcent and Nutritive herb, plus promotes Tissue REGENERATION.
Slippery Elm Gruel is a SOOTHING and HEALING Herbal Food for the Digestive System. Slippery Elm is way more NUTRITIOUS than Oatmeal and can be eaten as a nutritious food frequently. It is especially GOOD for Children or Elderly, especially if they are having DIFFICULTY digesting foods, while recuperating or from an illness.
Slippery > Elm Gruel

Slippery Elm Gruel is made by the following Method:
1. Put 1 tablespoon of Slippery Elm Inner Bark Powder in a small Bowl.
2. Slowly, stir in 1/4 of a cup of Boiling Water, mixing it constantly, making the mixture into a Paste.
3. Add a little MORE Water to thin-out the Paste.
4. Add enough Water to make the Paste into a Gruel, that is as THICK, as Cream of Wheat.

Applications & Dosages:
A >>. If someone cannot:
HOLD FOOD DOWN or has WASTING SYNDROME, then he/she should:
1. Eat 1 tsp. of Slippery Elm Gruel at a time, until FULL.
2. ADD Honey, Maple Syrup for sweetening and/or Cinnamon for flavor.
3. Continue feeding, until the desired "full feeling" is achieved.

B.>> If someone has NO Food, then he/she should:
1. Eat Slippery Elm Gruel as a Survival Food.
2. Add RAW Honey or Maple Syrup for sweetening and Cinnamon for flavor and/or Ginger as a digestive aid.
C. If someone has ulcers in body tissues INTERNALLY, then he/she should:
1. Eat Slippery Elm Gruel as a REPLACEMENT for a Meal.
2. Continue until the desired RESULTS are achieved.
D. If someone has ulcers in body tissues EXTERNALLY, then he/she should:
1. Fill in the ulcers with Slippery Elm Gruel.
2. Wrap a CLEAN Cotton Cloth over the filled Holes.
3. Continue until the desired RESULTS are achieved.



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