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7 Natural Earache Remedies

If you or your child are prone to getting ear infections, you know how painful they can be. They can be triggered by many things, like wax build-up, moisture build-up and allergies, which lead to bacterial and viral infections. Luckily, they can be treated at home naturally, using historically proven remedies that are both safe, effective and have little to no side effects.

1. Castor or olive oil
Most ear infections occur due to wax build-up blocking the Eustachian tubes. Use a few drops of castor oil in the infected ear (remember to heat it up a little) before going to bed. Put a cotton plug in your ear and sleep on your side with the ear facing up. In the morning, clean your ear with a cotton swab (Repeat for a week). The warm oil helps to melt the obstructing wax.

2. Garlic
Known for its anti-bacterial properties, garlic is great for treating ear infections. Cook halved cloves of garlic in sesame or mustard oil on low heat, strain the oil and allow to cool. Pour a little bit into the infected ear and see how quickly you feel better.

3. Onion
Warm the onion in the oven and strain the juice, the put a few drops in the infected ear and tilt your head to allow the liquid to pour out. You can add a warm compress to the treatment - it will draw out the infection.

4. Steam
Put a few drops of tea tree oil and an equal measure of eucalyptus oil in a bowl of boiling water, place your head over the bowl and cover your head with a towel. This is highly effective at treating infections caused by blockage. To increase the effectiveness of the treatment, plug your ear with some cotton – this will absorb more moisture and heat, and focus the treatment in the infected ear (If you don’t have either oil, just plain steam will also work).

5. Fresh holy basil (Tulasi)
The Tulasi has been used in India to treat ear infections for hundreds of years. Crush a few leaves and rub the juice around the ear and on it, but make sure not to get it in the ear canal.

6. Mango leaves
Fresh young mango leaves contain juices that are very effective at treating ear infections. Grind or crush them to get the juice, then warm it up. Use the warm juice as ear drops and you’ll feel a relief very quickly.

7. Salt
If you’re suffering from moisture build-up, this is the best method to relieve it. Heat up salt in a pan (or the microwave) for 5 minutes, then place it in a towel or some other thick cloth, and then close it into a ball. Let it cool down and apply the filled cloth ball to the ear. The salt will draw out and absorb the moisture in your ear.



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