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Radiation Poisoning / Detoxification

Radiation Poisoning Neutralization / Detox >>>> Procedure Below

Radiation is an acidic/ negative charge that influences every cell in your body. Radiation has it's own "Frequency Wave". These NEGATIVE "Frequency Waves" are micro-waves that are invisible yet have a powerful effect on the health of your entire being.

Radiation typically targets the nervous system of the body and the nervous system communicates with ALL other 70 trillion cells & systems in the body.
The www.(World Wide Web) electronics, cyberspace, broadband age is upon us and it exists almost everywhere, in every city and even in small villages on the planet. Radiation fields are truly deadly.

The radiation waves totally confuses our nervous system so it does not know what messages to respond too and the body cells die due to mixed electrical impulses from the nervous system caused by chaotic messages from the radiation waves that are effecting our body cells polarity and energy field.

Radiation, affects the natural electro-magnetic field, that we naturally live in on a daily basis. Radiation fields make our cells too acidic. Then add on our daily stress levels and we become more likely to develop health problems. Especially diseases of the nervous system.

Radiation can settle in other parts of the body as well like the bones, thyroid, sex organs, brain, lungs. Some sources of radiation are from: automobiles, hospitals, cell phones, airplanes, airport security scans, medical treatments, computers, T.V., microwave ovens, smoke detectors, cordless or digital anything, GPS,=(Global Positioning System) lighting, hair dryers, cell towers, airports/airplanes, high voltage power lines (overhead and underground), Solar flares and other radiation sources that are unknown.

BATH TUB DETOX > Take a sea salt & baking soda bath. Yes, a bath: Add to the bath water 1 lb. of sea salt and 1 lb. of baking soda. Get in tub and soak for at least 30 min. Then your done. NOTE: You may have to take more than one bath depending how much radiation you have within your body. Usually, 3 baths in total, one every other day will neutralize most radiation poisoning.
Skip a day between baths.

FOOT BATH DETOX > you can soak your feet in a basin with 2 lb. of sea salt and 2 lb. of baking soda. Soak your feet in warm/hot water for 45 min. Then your done. The pores on the feet are the largest pores in the body and the acidic radiation will get sucked into the footbath water. You may need to do three foot baths in total. Skip a day between baths.

How do I know if I have Radiation in my body?
If you want to know if you do have radiation in your body or how many baths to take go to "Personalized Body Dowsing" http://www.body-expressions.com/page/page/2684308.htm

Follow the instructions for a Complete Health Evaluation on what your body wants & needs for balance which includes checking you for radiation poisoning.

Testing for Radiation Poisoning
For more options & info on being tested for Radiation Poisoning contact:
Cell: Roger Denisewicz at 949-933-7666
E-mail Roger at: yourbodycanheal@gmail.com



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