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        Hobon/ HVS makes liquid homeopathic remedies in multiple potencies for various health conditions. All remedies are free of sugar, alcohol, and sodium. Hobon/HVS Labs is registered with the food and drug Administration as a homeopathic manufacturer.   


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 Ordering and pricing for any HVS or Hobon product. 

Please call the Body Expressions office directly at 808-855-8272 


 Hobon / HVS  Product Potency

       Each Hobon / HVS formulation are potentized to 9x, 20x, 30x, 100x and 200x then blended in equal volumes for continuous bio-resonance as potency requirements change during the cleansing or healing process.



 ADAPTOSODE   STRESS =  (General Stress)      ( 4oz. & 8oz.)



 ADAPTOSODE  R & R = ( Acute Stress / Trauma / Emergency ( 4oz. & 8oz.)



 BIOSODE    IOSODEBBBBB                   ( Whole Body/Mind System Support)       ( 4oz. & 8oz.)



  DETOXOSODE - OS  =  ( Organ Systems)      ( 4oz. & 8oz.)



Alcohol ( 4oz.)



Allergens / Antigens ( 4oz.)



Bacteria  ( 4oz.)



Chemicals ( 4oz.)



Dentals ( 4oz.)



Food Additives I ( 4oz.)



Food Additives II ( 4oz.)



Free Radicals ( 4oz.)



Fungi & Yeasts ( 4oz.)



Metals ( 4oz.)



Nematodes ( 4oz.)



Parasites ( 4oz.)



Pollution - Air  ( 4oz.)



Pollution - Environs  ( Enviroment)    ( 4oz.)



Radiation ( 4oz.)



Rickettsia  ( 4oz.)   (out of Stock on this item)



Tobacco ( 4oz.)



Viruses ( 4oz.)






Ordering and pricing any HVS or Hobon remedies please call Body Expressions office.

Contact Roger at: 808-855-8272 or email us at yourbodycanheal@gmail.com



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