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To order any of the Standard Process or Medi-Herb product.                 

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      Go to http://www.standardprocess.com 

     While on the Standard Process web-site. See "OUR PRODUCTS" Click on "View Products" for Standard Process or Medi-Herb (herbal supplements).  A complete line of ALL the Standard Process & Medi-Herb products are listed. Just click on the supplement or product you wish to review. .After viewing your supplement ( it's alphabetically listed) "and you want to ORDER any supplement. 


    Call the Body Expressions office at 808-855-8272  or email us at body.expressions@yahoo.com to take your order & make a payment.


Problems or Questions about Ordering? 

Contact Roger at BODYexpressions 

e-mail: body.expressions@yahoo.com

Office: 808-855-8272 



 Standard Process Labs. was created in 1929, by Dr. Royal Lee, D.C.  Dr. Lee, was a Master of Nutrition. The Lee family, owns the Standard Process Labs. The Lee family has owned Stand Process Labs. for the past 86 years.  Standard Process has been a leader in the field of natural whole food supplements. Standard Process was the first vitamin company in America.

     Dr. Lee believed a quality, natural whole food supplement begins in the soil. Due to Dr. Lee's input many of the raw foods used in Standard Process products are grown on the Lee's company-family-owned farms, using clean organic, non-GMO farming methods & techniques to insure the highest & purest quality. Standard Process is commitment to maintain and manufacture food supplements at the "state-of-the art " level, from planting to bottling, at their farm & facility in Palmyra, Wisconsin.

   It's always been Dr. Lee's intention that Standard Process's use their farming recycling procedures of replenishing the soil with the finest composted ingredients that allows Standard Process supplements to meet and exceed the most demanding "quality control" standards of the holistic field industry for the past 86 years.

Safe Eating, is now possible... 



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