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 Before you proceed Print This Page.  Because, once you click on the life force link below you will exit the Body Expressions web site. You can log back into www.Body-Expressions.com 


To purchase any of the Life Force products click on this link, www.lifeforce.net  Then click on "Products" a drop down list will appear then click on "Daily Health" to the right, another drop-down list will appear then choose any product you want to view. You can order any Life Force products by using the same basic procedure as described above for any of the products listed below.

 Follow the 5 Step ordering process below

Step 1  Go to this wesite:  www.lifeforce.net

Step 2  When Life Force page opens. Scroll to bottom to "continue"

Step 3    Click on "Products" (top bar) and select your product of interest

Step 4 Read the details of the product.

Step 5 Call toll free 800-915-8872 to order your product.


Some of the most popular products available from Life Force International

Body Balance

A proprietary formulation rich in phyto-nutrients from sea vegetation, aloe vera, black cherry and honey. It was only available through health-care professionals until 1996, when it also became available directly to the public via referral marketing.


- 1 quart =$29.00

- 2 quarts= $52.00

- 4 quarts =$97.00

- 8 quarts = $176.00


Amino Charge

A high quality source of amino acids. Amino Charge, when used with it's companion product Amino Regulator, is powered by a patent-pending technology, which increases bio-availability. Amino Charge is ideal for weight control and building muscle.


1 can= $34.50

2 cans =$66.50


Flexeo - Plus

A special liquid formula with MSM, glucosamine and ipriflavone to support healthy joints. Benefitting from our exclusive Bio-Liquid Advantage, it has proven to be exceptionally effective.

Price: 2 oz = $26.75

Osteo OmegaCare (100% vegeterian)

Osteo OmegaCare, (vanilla & chocolate) is an easily absorbed liquid calcium/mineral supplement that consists of calcium, magnesium, over 60 micro elements and macro nutrients, trace minerals and highly reguarded & valued glucosamine chondroitin.

Prices: 1 quart = $41.00.     4 quarts = $155.00 

True Greens

A virtual "salad bar in a jar" with 30 ingredients including vegatable greens, fruits, phyto-nutrients, probiotics, enzymes, amino acids, and trace minerals in this important anti-aging, whole-food formula.

Herbal Body Wrap

A time-tested formula of herbs and minerals for detoxification. This formula cleanses, rejuvenates, and contours the body. Many have reported inch reduction in fatty areas.

Intestinal Tone - 

Aids healthy elimination. It is made with the highest grade of 100% psyllium and is ground super fine to increase effectiveness. Use alone or as part of Life Force's Colon Cleanse program.


Activated Charcoal - 

Provides one of nature's best and purest detoxifiers; activated charcoal has a wonderful cleansing and purifying effects in the body. 


Herbal Tabs - 

Aids healthy elimination. It is a synergistic combination of health supporting herbs, enzymes and sea vegetation. Use alone or as part of Life Force's Colon Cleanse program.

Taheebo Tea - 

A product of historical significance, Taheebo is an extract of 100% heartwood of the Lapacho Tree. Has been used long-term by various cultures and can be a great addition to your "wellness cabinet."

 Cornerstones -                                                                                                                                                                  Packaged as a 30-day supply, it contains: 1 Quart,Osteo Pro-Care, 2 Quarts. Body Balance, 1 True-Greens, 2 Amino-Charge, 2 Amino-Regulators and the "Cornerstones of Good Health Guide."

Trim Wise Health Solution - 

A clinically proven program for responsible weight loss focusing on "health gain" and then "fat loss." Trim Wise is NOT a diet, but a way to "feed yourself thin." Features 3 natural products.

 Colloidal Silver -                                                                                                                                                                        Life Force's Colloidal Silver meets all of the criteria for high-grade colloidal silver. Used internally and topically. Our Colloidal Silver has many years of successful use.

Dream Away -                                                                                                                                                                            Lose weight while sleeping. Formulation includes a key amino acid, collagen, chromium picolinate and melatonin. Use alone or as part of the Trim Wise Health Solution.


Formulated with clinically proven herbs and nutrients which delivers focused mental clarityand a healthy lift in vitalitywithout the "crash" of stimulant based energy drinks. Its free of stimulants & caffeine, free of carbonation, and free of articical sweetners, colrs & preservatives.  With a the tantalizing taste organic agave and a hint of peach.  

TruBoost can take the place of your morning coffee or tea, help you get through an afternoon slump, and give you the extra lift you need to shine at an important meeting. Enjoyed daily, TruBoost helps stabilize mood, promotes mental clarity, and increases the body's ability to resist fatigue and tension.






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